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RECHARGEABLE Pedicure Callus Remover

Brought to you by Bella Naturals and Shabby Chic Boho. All opinions stated are my own.

It’s time to put away the sneakers and get out my sandals and cute spring and summer shoes. The only problem with that is my feet get ruff over the cold winter months and I haven’t been to get a pedicure yet. My back gets achy while waiting in what always seems to be an unusually long line so this year I thought I’d try a home system to see if I got the same results. I received a RECHARGEABLE Pedicure Callus Remover within days of my order and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

What drew my interest about this particular callus remover is that it’s rechargeable. I always forget to pick up batteries when I go shopping and I can’t tell you how many products I own that are sitting unused due to dead batteries. I didn’t want one more to add to my long list.

I didn’t have to charge my callus remover when it arrived as it was already charged so I didn’t have to wait to use it (that would have been torturous, lol). I am ready for cute shoes again. After using my callus remover, I’m pretty impressed with the results. It’s going to be an amazing summer not having to go get a pedicure to get soft looking feet.

Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Callus Remover Review

My callus remover is by Naturalico and comes with everything featured. You get two heads with your purchase, a callus remover and a file.

Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Callus Remover Review

Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Callus Remover Review

As I mentioned I didn’t have to charge my callus remover but a charger is included for when I do need to charge it. As much as I see me using it, I’m sure I’ll be charging it before too long.

Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Callus Remover Review

I like the light feature with this because I can see what I’m doing for once.

Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Callus Remover Review

I told you my feet were dry and ugly. If I didn’t, I’m telling you now. And showing you. Gross!

Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Callus Remover Review

After just a few seconds of use, the difference is incredible. For the first time this year, my feet are smooth where I used the callus remover. They look so much better already.

Discover the Secret to Smooth Feet! RECHARGEABLE Pedicure Callus Remover Review

You can buy your Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Pedicure Foot File and Callus Remover on Amazon and you’ll be glad you did.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine.

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