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10 Boho Chic Winter Must Have Accessories

I’ve been putting away spring and summer clothes and accessories and getting out my fall and winter articles. I always have 10 accessories in mind for each new season and the below list is my own personal 10 Boho Chic Winter Must Have Accessories list.

1. Knit Cable Headbands
2. Jewelry
3. Lace trim knee socks
4. Lace trim boot cuff leg warmers
5. Fringed Scarfs
6. Belts
7. Fringed Cardigans
8. Boots
9. Boot Glam
10. Fringe Purse

Knit Cable Headbands: I don’t know anyone who can resist the charm of a beautiful Boho Chic homemade flower headband but it’s time to put them away. They are not going to keep your little ears and head warm in the winter. My solution for Boho Chic winter headbands would be knit cable headbands. They are warm, practical and easy to find or make if you do your own knitting. You can find all of the inspiration you need on Pinterest or Etsy.


Boho Knit Headband

Jewelry: When selecting Boho Chic jewelry, look for sterling silver or gold, leather, turquoise, beads, and feathers. Anything goes and the more the better. Sometimes all it takes is a set of large size silver bangles. I frequent a couple of my favorite online shops where I look for Boho Chic jewelry or even ideas to make my own. One such shop is They have some cute and trendy pieces although I prefer sterling silver to gold. Sometimes gold goes better with my outfit and that’s when I head to Boho Gal Jewelry. They have nice big chunky pieces of jewelry.

Boho Jewelry

Lace trim knee socks & Lace trim boot cuff leg warmers: I have fallen in love with Boho Chic lace trim knee socks and boot cuff leg warmers. I’ve been known to wear the knee socks paired with my boots and sometimes I wear both under my boots depending on the weather. I grab a pair of these two must haves every chance I get. The difference between them is that socks are socks and cuffs are made to show around the top of your boots. Both of these serve a practical purpose by keeping my legs warm while looking chic, shabby, bohemian and sexy all in one. You can find lace trim knee socks just about anywhere and if lace isn’t your thing you can even choose a cable type over the knee pair of socks instead. FYI, Amazon has some really cute boot cuff liners.

Lace Trim Knee Socks

Fringed Scarfs: I love to make fringe scarfs but I found some cute Boho Chic fringe jewelry scarfs last year at Family Dollar and Dollar General and I only spent around $5 on each of them. That’s cheaper than it cost to make them. If you’d rather shop online, no problem. I’ve searched and scoured to find the best deals and Aliexpress has their jewelry scarfs on sale for $3.59 and up.

Jewelry Scarfs

Belts: Boho Chic belts are fun and are definitely a must have any season of the year accessory. You could go with silver and turquoise, braided, leather or even fringe belts. I’ve got my eye on this belt from Etsy and it’s not going to take much to persuade myself to go for it. I could make this work with so many outfits…

Fringe Belt

Fringed Cardigans: Boho Chic fringed cardigans can be expensive unless you know where to look and I do. Thrift shops. I kid you not. You’d be amazed at what you could find at thrift shops and even at yard sales. If you know how to fringe your own cardigans, even better. If you don’t know how to make a DIY fringe cardigan, I’ve found a pretty cool online tutorial you might want to check out. When I have a little time on my hands this winter, I might even tackle it myself.

Boho Fringe Cardigan

Boots & Boot Glam: While you are at your local thrift stores looking for fringe cardigans, check their shoes as well. The cutest pairs of Boho Chic boots I own have been found at thrift stores. As far as theย best winter boots for womenย are concerned, anything pretty much goes, but I love brown over black. I do have one pair of black boots I won on a blog giveaway. You can take a plain looking pair of boots and with a little creativity, turn them into Boho Chic in no time at all.

Boho Boots

Fringe Purse: Last but certainly not least, you need at least one fringe purse. Again, I have found the ones I own at thrift stores and yard sales. People get tired of them and you can find them super cheap. I have seen some on eBay although I’ve never found one I liked enough to buy from there (within my price range). I love the below one that is currently selling on eBay but it’s a little out of my budget range considering I just got two new, fairly expensive purses, for fall/winter.

Boho Fringe Purse

Boho Chic fashion is a fun way to express yourself but always remember to portray your individual style above all else. What works for me and my personality may not work for you and yours. Let your unique personality shine through with your own Boho Chic style. Have fun with it.

*images courtesy of google search

10 Boho Chic Winter Must Have Accessories

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27 thoughts on “10 Boho Chic Winter Must Have Accessories”

  1. Pleeasee tell me where can i get that cardigan ๐Ÿ˜€ The colors are so nice. Greetings

  2. No, I wish I could make a cardigan. Someone else made that and I hope to make one this winter. Fingers crossed it will turn out.

  3. I love the headband with the flower. It’s so cute! I bet that would look amazing on my daughter.

  4. I really adore those cable knit headbands. So cute! It gets chilly here in FL but not cold enough for true bundling up. All of these things make me miss midwest winters!

  5. I can’t live without my headbands in the winter. It’s such a great way to keep your head and ears warm without overheating, plus it prevents my hair from blowing around in the wind. Thanks for sharing, love all these accessories!

  6. I don’t have a fringe purse yet but I really want to have one. Especially that it’s Black Friday today, I’m going to find a good design and gift it for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I agree to everything you posted here and I have to say the photos are amazing! I absolutely love this time of year! I’m not much on bright colored clothing, but the hues of fall and winter are right up my alley!

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