10 Popular Uses of CBD

How Can CBD Benefit You?

Cannabidiol, called CBD for short, is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the Cannabis sativa plant or from hemp. CBD isn’t psychoactive, but your body reaps tons of benefits from it anyway! 

Although more scientific studies should be conducted before we make hard conclusions about the benefits of CBD, some small-scale studies and anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD products can help you live better and relieve symptoms of certain conditions. If you want to try using CBD, you can visit the following link to earn some coupons.

CBD for General Aches and Pains

After a workout, after sleeping in an awkward position, or just because your body is stiff and sore: these are all times you can apply a CBD lotion or other topical to help you feel better. The CBD oils in the lotion permeate the skin and get absorbed for targeted muscle pain relief. 

Depression and Anxiety

Some scientists believe that CBD has a similar effect on the brain as pharmaceutical antidepressants, which act on the brain’s serotonin receptors. These are the parts of the brain that regulate mood. CBD is also thought to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety, although there are not a lot of scientific studies about it yet. If you’re interested in trying CBD for your anxiety disorder, keep an eye out for new information from the medical community as they make more discoveries about this wonderful product.

Autism, ADHD, and More

Neurodivergent brains work differently from neurotypical ones, and that’s OK! When using CBD products, like a CBD tincture, CBD works within the brain to stop certain behaviors in their tracks and improve cognitive functioning. In fact, scientists are currently studying strains of CBD and THC and how they may be used in a more natural prescription medication for people with autism and ADHD.

Autoimmune Arthritis

Arthritis and other autoimmune conditions that cause bodily pain provide perfect opportunities to use a topical CBD product. The cannabinoids in a full-spectrum CBD topical product bind to the receptors in your skin, which talk to your body’s endocannabinoid system. The full-spectrum CBD is absorbed before it ever gets to your bloodstream, but those receptors are triggered to lessen pain sensation.

CBD for Neurological Conditions

The endocannabinoid system and its receptors throughout your body communicate with just about every other part of your body, including your brain. That’s why CBD has shown to help alleviate symptoms of neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Fibromyalgia. It’s best used as a complementary therapy, not a primary course of treatment, although some seizure disorders are well-controlled by a specific strain of CBD.

Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea

One of the unfortunate side effects of undergoing chemotherapy as part of cancer treatment is that the medication can cause severe nausea. Most often, doctors prescribe an anti-nausea drug to help relieve it, but adding yet another medication to a cocktail of already powerful ones can lead to unwanted side effects. Full-spectrum CBD oils can help stop nausea in its tracks, helping chemotherapy patients get back to their lives between treatment days.

CBD for Gut Health

Conditions of the gut and intestine, like Crohn’s and colitis, cause uncomfortable inflammation. CBD products can relieve some of that inflammation and reduce symptoms, such as abdominal pain, digestive difficulties, and more. 

Find Relief from Skin Issues with CBD

Excessively dry skin or issues like acne can have several causes and tend to be on different ends of the skin problem spectrum.

A study of CBD products on acne showed that CBD prevented the skin from secreting excess sebum – a type of oil made in your skin – and subsequently stopped acne spots from forming. And because of its anti-inflammatory properties, scientists believe CBD may be effective at treating existing acne.

On the other end of things, CBD lotions, body bars, and oils do a great job of hydrating dry skin, including cracked winter skin, especially if the products are made with high-potency formulas. Plus, these products are safe to use every day, just like you’d use a regular moisturizer.

Overcome Insomnia and Stay Asleep

Insomnia can be a result of a variety of issues and factors. CBD users have reported that incorporating CBD into their lives has resulted in improved sleep quality. If you’re staying up late and can’t fall asleep, you might suffer from insomnia, which is a real problem. Just as CBD is thought to alleviate the stress that causes anxiety, CBD can work to reduce symptoms of insomnia, too. 

Overall Wellness

Consider yourself lucky if you don’t have one of the aforementioned conditions that CBD can help treat. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get any benefits from using a CBD product every day. Many people are choosing to use CBD to promote overall wellness as part of their daily routine that also includes hydrating well, exercising, and eating nutritious foods. For these people, it serves as a dietary supplement that keeps them moving and feeling good.

A Word of Advice

Before starting a CBD regimen, ask your doctor if it’s OK for you to do so. There could be medical considerations that should be carefully weighed for adding any supplement to your daily diet. Then, give CBD a shot, because it just might change how you live your life.

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