$3.00 off two boxes of Luvs #Coupons #Savings

Check your Sunday paper, April 12, 2015. Not available online.

“This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.”

I know a lot of you, like me, clip coupons out of the Sunday paper, so…. because I’m cool like that, I wanted to give you the heads up to be watching for a $3.00 off coupon good for two boxes of Luvs, in the Sunday paper on April 12th. I can think of quite a few things I could use the money I save with this coupon on, as I’m sure you can as well.

Luvs Coupons Sunday Paper

PLEASE SHARE: I’d love to hear how old your diaper wearing children or child is and how easy Luvs has made your life with their disposable diapers that keep our children dry day and night. Are you an extreme couponer or a beginner? How many newspapers are you planning to buy Sunday? 😉


Of course you’ll want to connect with Luvs on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on news and new promotions. Be sure to visit the Luvs website and send your family and friends over as well. Sharing is caring.

  • We love Luvs with NightLock because it has has superior overnight protection that locks away wetness better than Huggies Snug & Dry*.
  • Did you know that Luvs with NightLock, the official diaper of experienced moms, helps to lock away wetness even overnight? With Luvs’ largest absorbency area ever.
  • “This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.”


    1. I don’t have kids but I’m sure these diapers are handy for new moms. Great of you the post this.

    2. This is soo awesome! I grab diaper coupons any and every time I can. they are soo expensive! Sharing this with my friends whose kiddos are still in diapers too.

    3. I’m a total beginner with couponing. I used to be a regular weekend cutter-outer, but now that I don’t get the paper anymore, I forget there are coupons in it! These are worth picking one up for though!

    4. Luvs is a brand that my mom always swore by when I was a baby. Thanks for the heads up on the coupon!

    5. Thank you for sharing! I would be sure to pass on your post to my new Mom friends because that is something they can really use!

    6. Thanks for sharing this awesome deal of Luvs!

    7. This is a great deal!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! I appreciate it!

    8. Sunday paper coupons are the best. We haven’t taken the paper for awhile, but when we do that’s always the reason why. Glad to see that Luv’s is working hard to please moms. It’s a great deal for parents with kids in diapers.

    9. I use to love couponing.

      I don’t remember the type of diapers I wore and I’m not a mom. The Pampers Brand sticks out most to me though.

    10. When we weren’t cloth diapering, we used off brand diapers. But I Have used Luvs before. It’s a nice brand and this is a nice coupon.

    11. What a great saving for parents using diapers. Coupons help stretch the Dollar. Thank you for sharing

    12. If you know anyone with little ones still in diapers, be sure to clip for your new mommy friends :).

    13. I used to look for coupons for diapers when my kids were little, glad that stage is over. Although I still clip coupons for something else.

    14. This is an awesome #coupon savings and deal. I hope everyone takes advantage of it.

    15. Luvs always come in handy for parents. This coupon will make a big difference for everyone’s next shopping trip.

    16. I have used Luvs before and loved them. Thank you for the coupon savings, diapers are crazy expensive now.

    17. absolulty Amazing post.ilove to see this kind of posts..saving is realy awesmome.thank u for sharing.

    18. I think of several things I could use the money on :). Thanks so much.
      20 things to buy on Amazon for under $3.

    19. I love it when we get to have savers like these – its just awesome and I bet everyone wants something to save up for.

    20. Thanks so much, I really do appreciate it.

    21. I always enjoy saving money and love clipping coupons! I’ll be sharing this post with my friends today

    22. I think you would have really been impressed. Maybe when and if you ever become a grandparent, you can try them… 🙂

    23. You know when my kids were babies this is the one brand I never tried. I use to clip coupons but they never have anything on sale for the week the coupons come out so I normally forget about them

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