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3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

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When I decided to downsize and convert to tiny house living, I didn’t really know just how much of a challenge it would be. I am a neat freak in the worst way. If something is out of place, I can’t sleep at night. Having a larger home was wearing me down because of my failed back surgery. Do I regret downsizing? Absolutely not. Even though I don’t regret my decision, my first apartment wasn’t working for me at all. I cook a lot, daily and multiple times daily. I don’t cook to live, I live to cook. I compromised and moved into a bit of a larger apartment although it’s still on the small scale. I have more room to move about in my kitchen now and I don’t feel so claustrophobic. If anyone knows that downsizing isn’t for everyone I know that first hand. In fact, I don’t know anyone in my life that could face the challenge and stick to their decision, except me. I don’t give up easily.

Because I spend so much time in my kitchen, I had to sit down and really think about what I needed and what I didn’t. It wasn’t easy to give away some of my favorite appliances but it was a necessity. Refer back to “I’m a neat freak.” I kept things that served more than one purpose and everything else had to go. Then I realized that my mixing, baking, and storage dishes were going to have to be given away as well. Through trial and error, I now have the perfect nesting dishes to handle everything from mixing to storage.

They are as follows:

Mixing Bowls: I purchased a set of Martha Stewart Collection Set of 6 Melamine Mixing Bowls and it has every size I need to mix small to large batches. This set is no longer available on Macy’s nor on Amazon but I found a similar set for you. They’re cheaper and they include measuring cups and spoons. LeNest 10 Piece Compact Mixing Bowls, Multi-Color Food Preparation Set

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

The next thing I knew I’d need was baking dishes. I do a lot of baking and again, I set out to find a nesting set. I wanted a set that I could bake in and that I could put in the refrigerator with the leftovers. I decided on a KitchenAid KBLR04NSBY Nesting Ceramic 4-Piece Bakeware Set – Boysenberry because I knew it would last and I didn’t want to have to keep buying baking dishes. They can be pricey but I searched and scoured the world wide web and I found the most reasonably priced set for you. They come in all sorts of colors for any kitchen decor.

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Smalll Spaces

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

The last nesting bowl set I bought for my kitchen would be for storage and it was important to me that I get one that is BPA-Free. After doing some research, I decided on the Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set, BPA-Free 8-Piece Nesting Set with Vacuum Seal and Locking Lids. These containers keep my food fresher and that helps it to last longer. Therefore I’m saving money on food as well as space to store them when not in use.

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

3 Types of Nesting Dishes for Small Spaces

These 3 sets are the perfect combo to handle all of my kitchen needs from mixing to storing my foods.

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  1. We have a really small kitchen so there is not much room. The nesting dishes would be a perfect solution for us! I really love the KitchenAid KBLR04NSBY Nesting Ceramic 4-Piece Bakeware Set – Boysenberry.

  2. We invested in some of these when we moved to our current apartment. It saves so much space!! And it is also just helpful to ensure you aren’t losing parts of your Tupperware set. (Which I used to have a HUGE problem with. Gosh, those lids always go missing!)

  3. My goodness, I am in love with these dish sets right way that could save more space and could come so handy during home parties too. My favorite is the Boysenberry Nesting Ceramic bake ware set for its color & quality and Ozeri set looks great as well for storage purpose!

  4. I love these sets! They will definitely save storage space especially if you have small cabinets at home. I have too much dishes and I’d love to just change everything into these!

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