3 ways to decorate a small living room

No one said that you need to have a lot of space to feel comfortable. You can make the most of a small kitchen, bedroom and even living room, as long as you open your mind to some unusual ideas. Use your imagination and we can assure you that you can create a cosy and inviting place, which you, the other members of your family and all of your guests will enjoy for sure. Instead of feeling bad that you have a small living room in your home, better make the most of it by creating an unique design which reflects your specific taste.


3 ways to decorate a small living room

Before you start with the renovations in this part of your home, however, better consider cleaning and organising the place a little bit. Depending on the changes you want to make, you can move some of furniture and other objects around or directly remove them from the room to free some space. You can also clean carefully all areas of the living room now, instead of doing it later. Keep in mind, however, that some improvement could create a big mess, so you may have to perform one thorough cleaning of the room when you finish with all the work.

  • A wall of mirrors – Nothing will make your small living room look brighter and bigger than a couple of mirrors. If you are a fan of this decorating element, you can directly hire professionals to install a whole wall of mirrors in your living room. This unusual idea will significantly change the look of the room, so it is worth considering it. In case you don’t want to have a whole wall of mirrors, you can just hang one of those elements with an interesting design on one of the walls.
  • Comfortable seats – The most important thing is for you and your guests to feel comfortable every time you spend time in the living room. Unfortunately, the limited free space may not allow you to bring a big sofa. The solution is simply to combine a couple of comfortable upholstered armchairs with other chairs and stools. Instead of buying a coffee table, you can just use one of the stools are saying from N14 builders. Just make sure that the design of the stool allows you to place a tray on top of it. You can always find reliable professionals who can create for you a special bespoke unit as well. This could cost a little bit more, but you can have an unit that is one of a kind.
  • Add wallpapers – A wallpaper can truly brighten up the small room and make it more inviting and interesting. Before you make a decision, however, better make an extensive research to find out what are your options. It is already possible to find washable, removable and different others intriguing wallpapers, which will give to your living room a unique look. In case you are having trouble deciding, better consult with the specialists at the Furniture Store. They will certainly give you a great advice.

    Those are only 3 of the many ideas you can use for the decorating of your small living room. Remember that it is not important how big the room is, but how you use the space you have. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and come up with some interesting and even unusual ideas, which reflect your taste. It is also a good idea to inspect the living room when you finish with all improvements and, if necessary, clean in depth every area. This way you will reveal the true beauty of your renovated living room and you can invite your friends over to see it right away.

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    11 thoughts on “3 ways to decorate a small living room

    1. Apartments and condominium units now are getting smaller since there’s limited space and the amount is getting higher. With this, we have to learn how to make the most out of the living areas. A minimalist design always works best for us. Mirrors are great to make the living room seem larger.

    2. I’m in the midst of redecorating my tiny city center apartment living room, so this is timely advice! I think the biggest struggle is finding furniture that doesn’t overcrowd the room. We’ve got a big, comfy sofa that my husband bought before we met, but it’s too big for the space. Small spaces need clean lines, and air… thank goodness we’ve got high ceilings!
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    3. Great decorating tips for small places! I love using mirrors to make a small space bigger. I’ve done that in our foyer. Im always looking for unique sized mirrors too to add character to a room.

    4. Great tips! Luckily we have always had pretty large living rooms especially since that is where our family spends most of our time. I love the wall of mirrors though. I think that is not only a unique look but definitely adds a bit of depth to the room.

    5. What great ways to suggest decorating a small space! I am always intrigued with how something small can create a room to look so much larger! I do think I have an eye for detail, but sometimes I can’t create a smaller room to look bigger so thanks for enlightening me!

    6. These are great tips! Using large mirrors also help make the room look big. I have a small living room and my interior decorator friend suggested we put mirrors to make it appear big. It worked!

    7. We have a fairly small space so I am always excited to read tips on making the place feel bigger. I have included a few mirrors and it definitely opens up the space! I have heard a lot about wallpaper being back ‘in’ so I will gave to consider it! Thanks for the awesome tips!

    8. You know I’ve never ever thought about using wallpaper. I am so terrified I would mess it up. I’ve used wall decals because it’s small space but I am afraid to step into the world of wall paper. I do have to agree that a comfortable chair makes any space. I’ll be shopping for a new computer desk chair soon. My current one is not that comfortable when you have to sit in it for long periods of time.
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