4 Benefits of Studying for Your MEAD Degree Online

4 Benefits of Studying for Your MEAD Degree Online

There was a time when the educational system in the United States was the envy of the free world. Unfortunately, education has been on a steady decline for the better part of 50 years. Congress even approved and legislated the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 to improve the quality of education while seeking to reduce the number of dropouts.

That, too, fell sorely short of the mark, and as it stands, almost 36 million Americans cannot read and write even on an elementary level, while 60 million Americans cannot do basic math. If you are entertaining the idea of furthering your career with an online MEAD degree, here are four benefits that might just spur you into action.

1. Studying Online Enables You to Stay in the Classroom Teaching

If you are seeking an online master of education in adult and continuing education, you must already have the prerequisite bachelor’s degree, or you wouldn’t be looking at graduate classes. This, in turn, probably means that you are currently working as a teacher and, as such, realize the necessity of educating adults the system failed. If one-third of our high school population never makes it through 12th grade to graduation, our country will also steadily decline.

There is no need to step away from the classroom to earn that degree because schools like Rutgers University have accredited an online MEAD program so that you can study at your pace from home while continuing to teach.

2. Typically Less Expensive Tuition than On-Campus Costs

If you are debating whether to study on campus or at home, it is good to know that online tuition is generally less expensive than on-campus fees. Also, you will not need to eat in the school cafeteria or grab fast food, which can add up to quite a bit of money. You study from home, so you can eat at a much cheaper price. You won’t need to pay for dorms or off-campus apartments while keeping up your payments at home because your home is your school and vice versa.

3. Set Your Own Schedule

If you are teaching, you can set your own schedule when studying. You don’t need to study nights if you don’t want to because you can take classes at your convenience. Some teachers choose to study at weekends, giving them a chance to relax or grade papers at night, while others get up extra early to study while fresh in the early morning hours. When you study online, you can set your own schedule to your convenience.

4. References and Resources are Just a Click of the Mouse Away!

When it comes to working towards a master’s degree in any subject whatsoever, you will need to keep up with references and resources as you go. Why would you want to make time-consuming trips to a library when you have the World Wide Web at your disposal? Any reference material you need can be found online, although you may need to pay a subscription price to access it or join a public library for periodicals you can read online.

There are many more benefits of studying for your MEAD degree online, so it’s time to seriously consider taking your teaching career to a whole new level. You are the answer America is looking for to get us back on track as a world leader in education.


  1. I haven’t tried studying online but I believe it is more convenient because you can set your own schedule and study at your own phase and time.

  2. Although my online classes weren’t cheaper, I DID seem to learn more in-depth than with seated classes. Online classes are an amazing opportunity for sure!

  3. These are great resources and benefits. I have seen so many benefits for m sons to do online schooling.

  4. I think online course is perfect for the busy once who needs more flexible schedules. It’s nice that there are a lot of online resources now.

  5. I love everything about this. My sister-in-love selected online school for my nephew and they love it. It is perfect for him.

  6. I’ve always enjoyed studying/learning at home. It’s so much easier to research and to concentrate.

  7. This is great information for those seeking to further their education. My husband and my kids have all used on line classes.

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