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5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

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5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

If you are dying with desire to purchase a fluffy sweater for your darling or a 50 Shades of Gray book, don’t. He will hate it, and perhaps even hate you in that moment when he is opening his wrapped up disappointment. You would not love it if he surprises you with some cookware, or even worse, a cheap perfume. So, be a good girl, and try to understand what your man really needs in order to avoid that sour expression on his face. If you do not know where to start, we have five suggestions for you.

A Wrist Watch

5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

Every man needs a nice watch. And you will benefit from it too. Never again will your man dare to be late on an important date, when he wears a stunning tick-tock machine around his wrist. A watch is not just a time-teller, it is a fashion statement. It makes a man even more than his suit. When buying a watch you have to keep in mind the overall style of your man. You would not buy an elegant watch for a guy who likes to dress sporty? The most refined you can go are quartz dress or aviator watches.

A Leather Wallet

5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

Just the perfect thing to go with his wrist watch. A wallet is both a fashion statement and an organizational item. So make sure you find the one that fits your man needs. For a guy who has a lot of business cards, tri-fold is better than two-fold. A lot of separated compartments are also a plus. You do not even have to go to the store to find one. Thanks to the Peters of Kensington variety of wallets you are just one click away from the ideal gift for your man.

Gadgets and Electronics

5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

Here we mean the widest possible range of gadgets. You can choose from the simple ones, such as USB drives, to over-the-top items, such as drones (boys will be boys). Oh, and everything that comes with a “smart” in front of the name counts. Music players, speakers, headphones, tablets and various gaming devices are also a nice option.

Anti-Thirst and Anti-Hunger Gifts

5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

The basic needs of every man are to drink and eat, so do not deny that to him. When buying this kind of presents, make sure they have a fun twist, an ordinary knife set will not do the trick, but a samurai will be perfect. As for the drinks, choose from luxury whiskeys and wine crafts to bottle openers and holders. You can also decide to buy some of the now popular signature beers from rock and metal bands.

Understand Your Man

5 Gifts Your Man Actually Needs

In the end, not all men are the same. So, try your best to actually listen to him and find out what he likes and needs the most. The gifts that take someone’s personality and passions into the equation are always the best. Perhaps your man would love to have a deluxe blue-ray edition of his favorite movie, or he would jump of joy when given a comic book collection.

We wish you a happy shopping that will result with a happy man!

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  1. All good suggestions. My kids love a good wallet (they’re grown). Come to think of it my little man likes one too, but his have cute characters and velcro. ;)

  2. fantastic list and the type of list that everyone can relate to and is doable regardless of your budget since there are so many brands from super affordable to the luxe.

  3. My husband could really use a new wallet. I’d have to separate him from the old one though, and I’m not sure if he’ll go for it, lol! A nice one like the one you have pictured here might just do the trick!

  4. Just noticed the other day that my father’s wallet is falling apart. He definitely needs a new one! Will be getting one for Christmas if the old one holds up that long!

  5. I do believe I buy a leather wallet every year for Christmas for a male in my family. With a husband, 2 sons and 2 sons-in-law, this gift list will come in handy.

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