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A Rundown of Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House

A Rundown of Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House

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You just bought yourself a new home, but it doesn’t feel quite homey yet, now does it? You’ll have to do a couple of things before you move in, before you can truly call that piece of real estate a haven. While the previous owners might’ve kept the house in peak condition, you don’t want to unpack just yet; rather, we assume you’d want to set up everything so that you feel like coming home and not into someone else’s house.

A Rundown of Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House

Get New Locks Right Away

It goes without saying – you need to change your locks, immediately. Think about it, the previous owners still have the keys and might visit you in award times. You bought your new house to sit back and enjoy yourself, not to be on pins and needles whether someone may barge in. The good thing is that you can get many new-age locks nowadays, which can be controlled even without you near the door. Your home will be safer than ever, especially once you have a good set of locks installed to help you out.

Is There Pest Control?

The house might look amazing now, but how about a week later or when it’s season for pests to roam? If you, personally, don’t do anything about the (potential) pest issue, don’t be surprised when you find bugs and other creepy pests crawling around in your home. Some owners tend to forget to pest-proof their homes before selling. However, no need to worry much as you can easily make sure your home is pest-free with a few simple and eco-friendly steps. After all, using chemicals and repellents might be unhealthy, especially if you are planning to expand your family.

Time to Get the Paint Bucket

There is no time like the present, which means that you shouldn’t wait around for too long to get that paint job done – rather, get right to it. Your new house will be empty and ready to be repainted as soon as you get the keys. This’ll be a great opportunity as you’ll be able to experiment and try new colour schemes without having to move your furniture around. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to explore your new walls and check for any cracks that need fixing right away.

Check the Wiring

Could it be worse than moving into a house where the lights aren’t working and heating is cut, too? Brrrrr! Sure, all the dark and cold may be a perfect setting for a horror movie but you’re not really after such scenarios, we assume. To avoid any unpleasant situations, make sure you have the electrical wiring in the house checked thoroughly and make sure any old switches and lights are replaced in time to give your home a new sleek modern look. Furthermore, new electrical gadgets will help you live in a more comfortable place. DIY projects are fun but can be dangerous if you aren’t handy with electricity; don’t mess around if you aren’t that sure about it.

Clean Out Everything before the Move

You want to move into a clean, fresh, new home, not into a pigsty. However, cleaning up can be tedious and absolutely dull. Luckily, there are professional rubbish removal services that can help you out in a pinch, and even clean out places you dare not touch yourself. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty though, as you might discover hidden places and beauties of the house you haven’t had a clue about. Think of it more like going on an adventure than anything else.

Check the Pipes

Leaky and creaky pipework can be a real nightmare, especially if the house is big and spacious house. Instead of staying up all night fighting off ghastly sounds, do yourself a favour and make sure to look into the state of pipes in your new home. Investing a bit will not hurt your budget too much, and yet – it could save you from a lot of potential pain in the neck later on.

Once you move in, invite your friends for a party – it’s okay to brag a little about your stunning new home! Before you throw the party though, make sure your personal furniture and belongings are moved into your new house already so that your guests have not only a place to sit but also the opportunity to see how quickly and beautifully you’ve turned that house into a home. Sure, it’s going to be a lot of work; however, as soon as you’re done – you can come home, kick back, grab a drink and enjoy your comfy abode.


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  1. great list! cleaning the house before you move is a must! and the locks as well, we live in a apartment so pretty much the apartment owners organize everything for us

  2. Some great tips to consider for anyone moving in to a new house. This could come so handy for us when we move next year. Getting new locks would be the first priority to make sure you have the control over it.

  3. Getting new locks is important especially if you have kids and you’re not that familiar with the neighborhood. These are very good guidelines for those who are moving to a new place soon!

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