Actionable Ways To Ditch Period Stress Naturally

Actionable Ways To Ditch Period Stress Naturally

Stress is an integral part of the menstrual cycle, and almost every woman experiences it. As your hormones swing during your period, your body and mind take a toll. Even worse, the pain and discomfort can lead to the monthly blues. Expect to experience symptoms like mood swings, loss of appetite, intense food cravings, headaches, cramps, and fatigue. Things seem out of control when you have a school or work deadline, kids to manage, or social engagements to take care of. Thankfully, you need not depend on painkillers and medications to get through the challenging phase. Here are some actionable ways to ditch your period stress naturally. 

Watch your diet

Food cravings for simple carbs like sweet and salty goodies come with period stress. However, you can make things worse by indulging in such foods. Watch your diet and pick the right options to handle your cravings. A piece of fruit or dark chocolate makes a better alternative as they are low on sugar and high in antioxidants. You can opt for salted nuts and seeds to satiate a savory craving. Hydration is equally crucial.

Keep moving

The idea of exercising during cramps sounds counterintuitive, but it actually helps. Exercise boosts the release of feel-good hormones, calming down your nerves and relaxing your muscles. The choice of exercise can make a difference, so do whatever you are comfortable with. You can skip the vigorous workouts and opt for a short walk or a yoga session instead. A little takes you a long way!

Try a stress-busting therapy

Dealing with period anxiety naturally is easy as you have several options in stress-busting therapies. Meditation, massage, and aromatherapy can help. But cannabis is a go-to remedy if you wish to take a tangible treatment approach. Luckily, it is legal in many states, so you can vape without worries.  You can buy a cute bong to get started, and here is a link to buy it at KING’s Pipe in a few clicks. Choose a strain that works for anxiety relief, and you are all set for a stress-free period with your cannabis and a girly bong!

Get enough sleep

Sleep boosts relaxation and relieves stress, so you must get enough of it. Go the extra mile during your period as your body and mind require a break. It makes sense to clean up your sleep-wake cycle so that it remains consistent throughout the month. A hot shower and a cup of herbal tea can help you beat the period blues and have a restful night. Ensure a clean and comfortable sleeping environment as well. 

Spend time with friends

The worst way to deal with period stress is by locking yourself up at home. Step out and spend time with friends to feel better. Plan a lunch date, try retail therapy, visit your salon for a spa session, and have a good time with your besties. Just having your favorite people around can be therapeutic. Schedule an outing around your period to steer clear of the monthly woes.

Dealing with period blues naturally is easier than you imagine. Ditch those painkillers and embrace these simple measures to be a happy girl throughout the month!

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