#AD Look good with #ZYRTEC despite #ALLERGYFACE beauty challenges

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

#AD Look good with #ZYRTEC despite #ALLERGYFACE beauty challenges

I have spring fever here in Georgia and with that comes the dreaded allergies. I have a green thumb and I’m happiest when I’m outdoors planting and gardening. I’ve been planting flowers, herbs and even a few vegetables, but even before I started planting, my allergies flared up. There have been many days that I walked outside to see yellow pollen covering everything and it wasn’t even pollen from my plants. Right now my BBQ grill looks yellow instead of black. As much as I love spring, I despise the ALLERGY FACE┬« I get from my allergy symptoms.

I blame my mom for my allergy symptoms. Sorry mom, but I do. My mom has bad allergies and she passed that along to us. There was a time when she was having to take allergy shots on a daily basis. I inherited her allergies and I passed them along to my kids. My daughters are very self conscience and when they get allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, a red nose or puffiness I give them ZYRTEC®. When spring has sprung, we all keep ZYRTEC® in our handbags because it helps bring relief.

#AD Look good with #ZYRTEC despite #ALLERGYFACE beauty challenges

I didn’t always know about ZYRTEC┬« but I’m glad I do now. A couple of years ago I ended up in the ER due to my allergies because I didn’t take anything to help me with relief. My face was so swollen that everyone was calling me monkey face. Since then, I’ve learned to do battle against my symptoms and hopefully my “monkey face” trauma will be forgotten in time. I was truly embarrassed by my looks.

If you battle the same allergy demons that my kids and I do, you’ll be happy to know that ZYRTEC┬« has partnered with Gilt City to offer tips and ideas for the perfect outdoor look during allergy season. Not only that but Celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, has been hard at work creating beauty tips to help those that suffer from ALLERGY FACE┬«. You are not alone in your battle to fight your seasonal ALLERGY FACE┬« symptoms.

#AD Look good with #ZYRTEC despite #ALLERGYFACE beauty challenges

Head on over to Gilt City to check out spring’s best beauty secrets. What is your #1 allergy symptom complaint and how have you learned to get relief from it? Have you tried ZYRTEC┬« yet?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.


  1. I JUST bought a mega size bottle of Zyrtec the other day my allergies have gotten worse and worse over the last few years. I use Claritin for my kids, but Zyrtec is a MUST for me!!!!

  2. I am not that familiar with Zyrtec but iit;s nice that you can take it for allergies.

  3. Never heard of this before but it seems to come in handy for allergies.

  4. I’ve gone to a chiropractor before for my allergies as well. I hate when the ragweed is blooming here.

  5. Me too or I’d be stuck indoors all day, lol.

  6. I always suffer from allergies throughout the year. Zyrtec is about the only product that helps my allergies.

  7. What a good post highlighting a great product! I like it does work!

  8. My husband and daughter have allergies. This sounds like an awesome product, definitely going to research it.

  9. This is an awesome post indeed and could not come at a better time for sure. I am now dealing with my seasonal allergies and taking Zyrtec on a daily bases for right now. I could not live without it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Allergies have been brutal in our area! I have used Zyrtec before with great success when we travel.

  11. I had NO issues with allergies until a few years ago! Now, all of a sudden…..mine are HORRID!

  12. I’m usually not affected by allergies, but this year has been completely different. I’m convinced that there is a new allergen out there trying to ruin my spring. lol I may need to stop and get some Zyrtec.

  13. My husband uses this and it really does help him a great deal. Gives him relief.

  14. My worst allergy complaint used to be hayfever and wheezy lungs come fall (ragweed allergy). But, since I started seeing a chiropractor regularly and changing my diet to focus on real foods rather than processed, my allergies have actually disappeared!

  15. Today. Today, I need this so badly. I feel like my head is going to explode. Thanks for the info!

  16. thank goodness I do not suffer from allergies, I unfortunately know a lot of people that do though… This sounds like a great option for them!

  17. That’s so crazy that there’s so much pollen you can see it covering things. I’m lucky I don’t have allergies but my kids have them bad. They’ve used Zyrtec in the late summer.

  18. I used zyrtec for my skin allergy before and it works great! Now, every time we have allergies especially during Spring, this is the brand we buy.

  19. Sounds great! I am pretty sure I’ve recently developed seasonal allergies. However I haven’t been tested or anything. I should. This sounds like it would help me greatly!

  20. There are quite a few in my family who now use it. I come from a long line of watery eye sneezers lol.

  21. I don’t have seasonal allergies, but almost everyone I know does! I hear Zyrtec works great!! I know my friend uses it to help her!

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