Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad @Walmart

Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad

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When it comes to the races, I consider myself well informed. My dad had a race car and he drove it every weekend. I knew every inch of Daytona Speedway like the back of my hand as well as other racetracks. I can’t recall a weekend that we weren’t cheering him on, until he retired and turned his car over to my brother in law, that is. Age eventually caught up with him but before that, he didn’t let anything stop him from racing, not even pain. For aches and pains, dad took Advil®.

Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad

I’ve learned from him what works for my back and hip pain and now that age is catching up with me, I rely on fast-acting Advil® Film-Coated tablets to help me get through my day. I had {failed} back surgery years ago and because of the extensive work that was done to my spine, it won’t give at all. It’s pulling my hip and SI joint apart and take it from me, there’s nothing more painful that I can compare the pain to. The new fast acting Advil® Film-Coated tablets to go to work fast and I’m able to get my tough pain* under control in minutes. Which means, I can enjoy watching the races, while playing along with the kids, all the while, focusing on the big race.

Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad

My back and hip pain are not the only problems I use Advil® for, it works on “stress headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, and aches and pains associated with the common cold.” Just this past week I lost my balance and went tumbling backward down my stairs. I ache in places I never knew existed and I broke my toe. I’m a baby when it comes to pain. I have been taking my Advil® Film-Coated tablets, religiously, without fail, so my aches and pains are not as intense as they could be. I’m starting to recover a little and am once again looking forward to the upcoming Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami on November 20th. You can bet I won’t forget to make a “pit stop” at Walmart for Advil Film-Coated tablets before heading out.

For all of my savvy smart shopper readers, I’ve got some savings for you today, and I hope you’ll pass them along to your friends and family members. I know you love coupons as much as I do. Just click on my link to check out these Advil coupons.

Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad

Just one more thing before you go, I hope you’ll check out my tutorial on what to pack for race day.

Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad

Invest in a good sports backpack. I’ve had mine forever but it’s still going strong. I cram it full but it can take the weight.

Of course, you’ll want to pack your Advil® Film-Coated tablets. I always seem to get a headache from the noise but that doesn’t stop me because I know my trusty Advil® tablets will work their magic in no time at all.

I always take my camera or cameras, depending on who will be there and if I’ll want a close-up shot of them (such as when Ty Dillion is driving the #95 car).

I pack along a little LED light because I don’t like stumbling around in the dark.

Don’t forget the snacks. I can’t get out of the door without the kids hollering that they’re hungry. And that’s immediately after finishing their meal. Fruit is always a good choice, be sure to wash it before packing it.

I pack at least 1 snuggly blanket to hunker down under if it’s cold. It can get pretty chilly with the cars speeding around the track.

I always pack hand sanitizer and baby wipes. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a neat freak.

I always throw in a bottle of sunscreen. Even if it’s cold outside, it’s still important to protect our skin from harmful rays.

Last but not least, carry an insulated tote for your bottled water.

Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad

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    • I’d love to hear what you use Advil for and if there is something you pack for race day that I’ve not mentioned?

      *Among OTC pain relievers.

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      14 thoughts on “Advil® Film-Coated tablets & Race Day Tutorial #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias #ad @Walmart

      1. We use Advil for back and hip pain all the time. We don’t have little kids at home but believe it or not we pack most of your suggestions just for us older people. I can’t forget the snacks.

      2. Thanks for sharing your tips on what to pack for the race day. Camera, snacks and a blanket would be in my list too.

      3. It would be awesome to be part of such a big race. It’s important to be ready with all the things that you’re going to need. Thanks for all the tips!

      4. I keep Advil with me wherever I go. You never know when you are going to get a headache. I also use it for those times when I’ve worked out a bit to hard and my muscles won’t let me sleep.

      5. We do not really have racing around here, but I think you covered all bases with your “what to pack” essentials. I would probably have to add more snacks for my kids. #client

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