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Am I dying? Can You Guess What’s Wrong With Me?

I don’t know where to start so I guess the beginning is as good of a place as any.  There have been some scary medical problems going on with me.  Even with all of my years of nursing, I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  And I only have a slight idea now of what’s in store for me, because of a recent doctors visit. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself until I see it in black and white.

Heres’ how it all started…

First of all, my vision did a loop-de-loop.  I see double, lines look crossed, so much to the point that I’ve had to completely quit driving for the moment.  I went to the eye doctor but they found nothing other than having to adjust my glasses prescription some.   I got new glasses and that didn’t solve the problem.

Then came the dizziness and headaches.  And I continue to feel fuzzy wuzzy like a bear.  My head feels off if that makes sense?  I have this constant feeling that my head is not my head.  I’ve woken up in a fog and it never lifts. I’d love to know if anyone can relate to this feeling.  Has this ever happened to you?

And then I started voiding every 15 to 30 minutes around the clock.  Day and night.  Frequent urination is putting it mildly.  I’m talking so frequent I’ve just about moved into my bathroom, my trusty Kindle Fire in tow. But that’s not stopping the swelling that’s started. When I look down at my legs, ankles, and feet, I don’t even recognize them as mine.

And then, I found some lumps on my head.  Which may or may not actually be lumps or even knots, I could just be a knothead ;).  The lumps were the reason I called my physician who I’ve not seen in over 3 years when I had pneumonia.  You see, I didn’t take my own advice.  I’m always preaching to everyone to have a physical every year.  But for me, because I’ve convinced myself that I think I know it all, I only go to see a physician when I seriously need to. In fact, if it was up to me, I’d use online doctors for everything. My thinking and reasoning are fixing to change, and I’ll get more into why in another post when I know for sure what is wrong with me.

After convincing myself that I wasn’t qualified to treat myself, I called and made an appointment at my doctor’s office.  And right away they told me something alarming that was wrong with me, that may or may not be the cause of all of my symptoms.  We are hoping it is, which is crazy because this isn’t a little thing, but the alternative is so much worse, so prayers from my prayer warriors would be appreciated. I had to go back the next day for fasting blood tests.  And now, I have 2 doctors appointments next week and a couple of tests scheduled at the hospital which are unrelated but still, need to be checked.

When I know more, I’ll let you all know.  For now, I’m just curious if any of you have ever experienced anything like this before?


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26 thoughts on “Am I dying? Can You Guess What’s Wrong With Me?”

  1. I cannot even imagine and best of luck. I’m sure it’s such a hard struggle to go through and I appreciate you being so open and honest.

  2. Thank you all. I have doctors appointment out of town tomorrow and one back here on Wednesday. Hopefully, I’ll know something this week of the tests last week. I won’t know anything about the tests coming up Friday until the following week. Not knowing is worrisome. When I know what I’m dealing with, I can make a plan to face it and since I had a really bad episode Sunday of some crazy scary symptoms, I hope to know soon what I need to make these symptoms go away.

  3. I have never experienced anything like what you described. I can’t imagine what you must going through not knowing all the answers. I will be praying that doctors figure out quickly what is wrong. I pray you get to feeling better. Yes, keep us updated on how you are doing.

  4. What a tough thing to go through. An absolute nightmare to not know exactly what it is. Prayers over you that you get through this, get some answers and experience healing.

  5. I hope everything is ok! I understand what you mean about hoping that one thing is the cause of all of your problems. I haven’t found my one thing yet.

  6. Wow, I have never had anything like that. Except for my fibro-fog, but no lumps or knots! I hope you find something out soon!

  7. All the time, I go from one extreme to the other, I either feel like I think I know it all and don’t need a doctor or I call about every little thing lol. Something I need to work on for sure.

  8. I’ve never experience that kind of health issues and I thanked God for that. I am hoping for a good feedback from your doctors. Stay positive and keeps on praying.

  9. Thanks, everyone. Just getting it out in the open and expressing my fears is making me feel better already. I’ve been dreading the weekend not knowing what is in store for me next week but I’m going to quit stressing and enjoy my weekend instead.

  10. I can generally look at someone and know if they’re dying. I can tell when someone will pass away in a year, less than a year and/or even within 5 years. So it’s crazy that I had no idea my health was leaning in the direction that it seems to be leaning. I never thought I’d have any serious health issues.

  11. Those symptoms sound scary for sure! With all this technology at our fingertips it is so easy to get carried away googling symptoms and thinking the worst! I hope everything turns out okay.

  12. I’m so glad you made that call. Please keep us posted with what you find out. Hoping it turns out to be nothing much but if not, praying that God gives you strength to tackle it head on!!! Take care, Terri.

  13. Oh my goodness what a nightmare of symptoms and issues you have had! I shall wish you good luck with getting to the bottom of what is wrong with you – it is so scary when you aren’t sure isn’t it?

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