Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

I’m on a healthy journey by keeping my goal this year. I couldn’t be any more proud of myself if I tried. Every year I make goals and then I never keep those goals. It got to the point that my goal would be not to make goals. My New Years resolution was not to make a New Years resolution. This year, I only made one goal and that was to try to live healthier and try to buy healthier. I’ve not only kept this goal, I’ve been adding to it, little by little. Out with the old and in with the new. I’ve been buying products that are better for me from skin care to organic clothing to foods. I think my upcoming Birthday made me realize that I’m not a spring chicken anymore. If I don’t take care of my body before it’s too late, well, it’ll be too late. After researching natural skincare products, I found a brand that is definitely worth trying.

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

If you’re looking for gift ideas to give the woman or women in your life (because the wife, mom, sister, aunt, cousin, girlfriend, etc… would love these products), let me introduce you to my latest skincare obsession: I’ve got a few products to share that I think are perfect for pregnant moms, new moms, and women in general. They’re perfect for all women because they are allergy tested, free of artificial dyes and fragrances. What you’ll find in the products are natural oils, vitamins, and a few other carefully chosen ingredients. All of the products are OB/GYN & Dermatologist Recommended.

Let’s start with Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream. The reason I want to start with it is because stretch marks are not fun nor are they attractive. You don’t have to be pregnant to use this, you can start it at any time. I recommend using it while pregnant though to help reduce stretch marks before they start. If your wife has already had your little bundle of joy, she’ll still appreciate this cream which corrects and minimizes stretch marks with natural products like Darutoside, Registril and Avocado Oil.

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

Now that we have the belly taken care of, let’s focus on the next product. Belli All Day Moisture Body Lotion. This is scented with lemon oil and chamomile, lightly scented and also has Vitamin E in it to deeply moisturize. I use this right after I get out of the shower while my skin is slightly damp. It goes on smooth and get this, it moisturizes all day long. It’s great any time of year because it relieves dry skin.

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

Now that we’ve got the body taken care of, let’s focus on the face with Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator and Belli Sheer Comfort Lip Balm.

The Healthy Glow Hydrator lives up to its name in that it provides a healthy glow while giving radiant, healthy looking skin. It’s for women of all ages so again, this product could be given to anyone one on your Mother’s Day gift list. It moisturizes and illuminates with ingredients like Vitamin C, Grape Seed, and Chamomile. I don’t like products that make my skin oily nor sticky feeling. This facial hydration product doesn’t do either. It soaks in quickly giving me a natural glow. I use this on my face, neck, and upper chest area.

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

My Sheer Comfort Lip Balm stays on my desk. It gives my lips deep hydration and moisture so they never feel chapped. Chapped lips are the worst. This balm is a hypoallergenic, lanolin lip balm. It’s super thick and stays on long. I can even drink my beverages, coffee, and water while wearing this and I don’t have to reapply it for quite awhile. It lasts and lasts.

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

Belli Moisturizes All Day #mothersday #gifts #skincare

You can purchase these products separately if there’s anything in my picks that you’d like to leave off. There are much more products to choose from so be sure to check this company out and see what they stand for.

Is there a particular product from my list that you’d like to try or that you’d like to buy as a Mother’s Day gift for someone?

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  1. I have extremely oily skin. How does it do with that?

  2. These look like great products. I need a really good moisturizer.

  3. This looks like a great gift for mothers. Dry skin is a common problem nowadays and moisturizers are greatly appreciated.

  4. I love the look and sound of these products. I like the way you approach your goals. It inspired me!

  5. I never thought that I’d purchase anti-aging skincare products, but I’ve seen changes in my skin over the years. I can definitely see how specialized products like this can make a difference. The Healthy Glow Hydrator sounds interesting.

  6. These sound so nice! I’m a total lip balm junkie.

  7. These look like great moisturizing products! I definitely need all the moisture that I can get. It would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  8. My mom would love this! She uses lotion a lot – as a matter of fact, that’s a memory I have from childhood, she always seemed to be putting it on. When she was in ICU last year I would go and put it on her for her. She didn’t know I was there but I think she would have approved. 🙂 (note: she’s doing much better)

  9. This sounds like a great range or products to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. The lip balm sounds really interesting, I always need a good hydrating one for my lips.

  10. Belli sounds like a great line of products. I would love to try the stretch mark cream.

  11. I always love getting skin care ad a gift because it can be so expensive. This brand sounds like a great option.

  12. I think it was my Mom that tried a Belli product and liked it. That lip balm looks like it not only provides moisture but maybe a little gloss too.

  13. These sound like great skincare products. I would probably want to try the healthy glow facial hydrator the most.

  14. I love that this moisturizer has chamomile in it. It works wonders for your skin.

  15. These look like great gifts for Mother’s Day! I would love to try the stretch mark cream. I have so many stretch marks, I’m always looking to get rid of them!

  16. This is the best gift I can give to my mom. Really a nice idea for Mother’s day.

  17. I’d love to try the healthy glow facial moisturizer! It looks like it provides the right amount of moisture without being too oily.

  18. After having a cold for the past week, I’ve been dehydrated. My skin needs the moisturizer as its become dry.

  19. Forget Mother’s Day (OK we’ve already had it over here so I can get away with saying that) I need some of these myself, I am on the look out for a new moisturiser at the moment, so will have to go through some of these to try.

  20. I could definitely use something like this. My skin is so dry it’s cracking. If this works I will be in heaven. I cannot wait to try it.

  21. Thankfully, I don’t have many stretch marks from my pregnancies, but I would love to try the lip balm. I hate having chapped lips. The body lotion would be nice too and all of these would make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day.

  22. Haven’t heard of this skin care line of products. Will have to go and look into the web site. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of different products they make..

  23. Wow these are some amazing products from Belli! I’m always on the hunt for a good hydrating moisturizer so I’ll need to check it out, along with the lip balm. Chapped lips are def the worse.

  24. I love the way Belli products smell. My family loves the body cream.

  25. We go through lots of lip balm in my house between the 4 of us. This sounds like a nice line of products.

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