Best Colors for Your Living Room

Best Colors for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most used spaces in every household. Regardless if you use it to watch TV, relax with your family or organize gatherings in it, it needs to be properly set up and of course, painted. We already know that different colors cause different effects on your overall mood, so painting your living room in the same color as your bedroom might not be such a good idea unless you want to be sleepy in both of them.

Best Colors for Your Living Room

When painting any space, it all comes down to what mood and atmosphere you want to create. In this article, we will go over some common color choices for living rooms and what type of energy they produce.

Powerful red

We can all agree that red color is one of the most powerful ones. It evokes powerful feelings and adds energy and life to your living room. This is a great choice for all people that need a pick me up effect after a long day of work. But be careful when picking the red as your main color for the living room because it can easily overpower your living room.

Almost every interior designer agrees that red paint should be only on one wall of your living room. You can use furniture and other accessories to soften this vibrant color and make it more enjoyable. Also, when picking shades of red, consider the lighting of the room and positioning of your furniture.

Best Colors for Your Living Room

Cheerful yellow

Next up is yellow, a color that was used in almost every house a few centuries ago. Yellow is a cheerful color and has a welcoming and embracing effect when painted on the living room’s walls. There are many shades of yellow and all create a different atmosphere. For example, golden shades give a feeling of sophistication and formality, but lighter tones, like lemon, are best suited for family-styled living rooms.

Ask for help from your painters. They know how each shade will look under any type of light. On top of that, you can consult with them if you should paint all your walls yellow or just some of them. Painters in Sydney are professionals and they know exactly what is good for your living room.

Calming blue

Blue is probably one of the most used colors in the living rooms. People associate blue with calm, order and cozy feelings, so if you want to achieve this effect, then blue color is right for you. Blue is also a versatile color because it goes with almost every style of furniture, from traditional wooden ones to modern contemporary furniture.

When painting your living room with blue color, it is all about shades of it. Colors like red will always be energetic regardless of their shade, but blue changes its effect with each shade. For more calming atmosphere, you should pick a deeper shade and if you want to create an uplifting atmosphere, then a lighter shade is the way to go.

Best Colors for Your Living Room

Stunning gray

The last color on our list is gray. Gray has become really popular in the last couple of years. People have realized how much coziness and elegance it brings to the living room. You can either paint one wall in this color to make it a focus point or you can paint them all and create a stunning effect. Additionally, be careful with shades of gray because they change a lot depending on what type of light your living room is receiving.

And that is all from us. These four colors are the most used in the last couple of years and for good reasons. We hope that you found something to your liking and remember that every color has a different effect. It all depends on your taste, so don’t paint your walls in a certain color just because it is popular.

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  1. I’ve used my entire house’s color profile based on my dizzy’s cream shade. You’ll find either cream, white or light brown color in our home’s color profile mostly.
    Yeah, it just don’t improvise look and feel of our home but also helps us in hiding those tiny hair particals in our home. Yeah, any guest will barely notice those pet hair in our house that’s a plus point and we’ve thought about that only.

  2. We are currently remodeling our home. You have given me a lot to think about. It’s an older home and I would like to stay with the old country feel.

  3. Light colors are perfect for the living room! I love your color suggestions, they’re going to make the room feel more warm and welcoming.

  4. I’m definitely one for color. I think you can keep the walls neutral and punch up the color with a colored couch or accents. I think a living room should be inviting and cozy.

  5. Very helpful tips! I have such a hard time committing to a paint color especially in a main room. I always second guess myself, but I might be able to actually choose something I want now. Thanks!

  6. my current room paint is calm blue, and it has the effect of spa feeling! lol.. but i am planning to repaint it to gray! looks so elegant.

  7. We currently rent and can’t change the paint colors in our house. I really wish we could be all of the walls are white and I would really like to have some other colors. I’ve always liked a deep blue color in my living room.

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