So, you’re going to a Bohemian Festival and you don’t know what to wear or take?… Get your pen and paper ready to make a checklist or better yet, save some time and print my below checklist. Way down at the bottom of my post.

The first thing you will need to add to your Bohemian festival checklist is a ticket for the festival if you have to buy it in advance. Usually, you can just pay at the gate and there are many free ones that you can attend as well. Don’t forget to take along your Visa Clear prepaid card. I never take cash to festivals. Your ticket and Visa Clear prepaid card are not fashion essentials but I’m throwing them in there anyhow. Don’t be like me and forget your ticket and/or prepaid card at home, especially if you live 2 hours away. Now, do you see why I’m throwing it in my list? And #1 at that. FYI If you live near historic Brunswick, Georgia mark the date, December 5, 2014! The first Friday of every month brings live music and many other events. Take your camera along which is the second item to add to your list and which is also not a fashion essential, but it’s a must-have to take along. Historic downtown Brunswick has the most beautiful homes and buildings dating back to the 19th-century Victorian era and you will want to explore the town before and after the live musical event. First Friday event address: Newcastle Street & Gloucester Streets, Downtown Brunswick.

The third thing you will want to take along to your bohemian festival is your over-sized sunglasses. Now we’re getting to the fashion essentials. You can find big oversized sunglasses almost anywhere and I even found a cute pair at Peepers when I was searching for some reading glasses.

Next up you will need some comfy boho chic boots. If you are crafty, you can take your old boots and upcycle them to give them the boho-chic look. If you aren’t, there are some great Etsy shops that sell upcycled boho-chic boots. They do an amazing job at taking a plain pair of boots and turning them into boho-chic magic. Most average around $200 upcycled or new.

Follow Shabby Chic Boho’s board Boho Boots on Pinterest.

Next up you will need a boho chic floppy hat. You can’t go to a music festival without a floppy hat. Unheard of :). I love big floppy hats because they seem to add charm to any boho chic outfit and can be worn with just about anything imaginable. Target has a great looking Mossimo® Floppy Hat for $16.99 but, sadly, they’re sold out online. Be sure to check them out on your next visit to Target.

You will want to deck out with your favorite boho chic jewelry to wear to your festival and I recommend checking out Etsy for all of your boho chic jewelry needs. If you sign up for Etsy and make a purchase using my link, I will receive buyer credit. Etsy. Amazon has the cutest boho chic vintage inspired watches for under $10. Be sure to add one to your boho chic jewelry collection so you’ll be on time for your festival.

If you don’t already have a boho chic fringe purse, I suggest going thrifting. I can {almost} always find fringe purses when I shop at thrift stores in our surrounding towns. If you want to put more money into your purse, I found a sweet fringe purse at $228.00.

Italian Leather Crossbody Purse

Now, your boho chic outfit. Mix it up with bright and bold colors. You will be outside more than likely so you will need a warm cardigan and a fringe sweater. Or a fringe cardigan and floral sweater. You’ll then want to top off your outfit with some cute flair jeans. You will be able to find your perfect outfit at I’m recommending this site again because it’s one of my favorites. They have something for everyone and they completely satisfy my inner hippie.

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I never leave home without my chap-stick or lip-gloss. Also not a fashion essential but a health & beauty must have. If I’m going to be outdoors in the chilly weather elements, my lips tend to get dry unless I drench them in my favorite lip gloss and or chap-stick.

The last thing I recommend for your bohemian festival is a headband. When you take your hat off, you’re going to want to have a cute hair headband in place. I have a Boho Bandeau Giveaway that’s ending at midnight tonight so if you haven’t entered yet, be sure you do. The only entry is to leave a comment. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are creative you could make your own headband for the festival.

Have I left anything out that you feel is a fashion essential? Please let me know and I’ll add it to my list.

Bohemian Festival Fashion Essentials

1. Ticket (if needed in advance) and Visa Clear prepaid card
2. Camera
3. Oversized sunglasses
4. Boho Chic Boots
5. Floppy Hat
6. Jewelry
7. Boho Chic Purse
8. Outfit: Cardigan, Fringe Sweater, Flair Jeans
9. Chapstick
10. Headband


  1. What a great list. Love the boots for sure!

  2. That is a good list. I would love to go.

  3. That boho fringe purse is my fav!! I think I need one of those, and everything else on the list too 🙂 Swoon!

  4. I’ve never attended a Bohemian Festival but it sounds like it woul dbe amazing fun to dress up and have a day of experiences to remember…

  5. How fun! I already have more than half of the items on that list, so now I just have to find a festival to go to!

  6. I love those boots and the shoulder bag looks like a fun accessory to have. Thanks for sharing all these.

  7. That purse looks like something my daughter would have picked out. I think she may be part Bohemian, lol! She loves stuff like that,

  8. The hat and the boots are glorious and that purse is a perfect addition – bet the festival is a blast, too!

  9. Those boots are truly fabulous. I only have one pair, but I need to upgrade my wardrobe!

  10. I absolutely love this look. Sometimes I dont think I have the right look to pull it off though.

  11. I love your sense of style. You are far more outgoing with your fashion than I am. I hope to get my nerve up and try wearing something new.

  12. I love the floppy hat. I have been sporting one this summer! gotta keep the sun out of your eyes!

  13. What a great list. Love the boots for sure!

  14. I like that bell sleeved top you have featured, it looks beautiful and comfy.

  15. I love this look! Those boots and the fringe bag are awesome!

  16. I really like these styles! That fringe purse is one of the coolest I’ve seen.

  17. Debit Cards are so convenient but the thing is .. most festivals don’t accept it. These are all great tips

  18. Loves this style. Reminds me of my childhood when that this was really popular!

  19. I wish I had your eye to put things together. I don’t have any fashion essentials, I think I try to stay away from most of it.

  20. I really want a pair of over sized sunglasses. I think everyone should give the bohemian fashion style a try at least once.

  21. I have always liked and been fascinated by the bohemian style. I think it’s super flowy and pretty. These photos are beautiful.

  22. I love the bohemian style! I would love to go to a bohemian festival sometime.

  23. I love the long shoulder bag. I’ve never been to a bohemian festival, but it sounds fun.

  24. I love all of your essentials. I see a pretty pair of boots that I want. I like your Pinterest board, too.

  25. I love that fringe purse. I’d carry that over the weekends for sure!

  26. yep in love with the boots. I love the BoHo look so much. It is super cute

  27. Very cute! I love that little purse, sweet and practical.

  28. Love, love, love the bohemian look! That flower headband, I am in love! This is a great post and happy to see where to get some of those fabulous items!

  29. love the Boots lace and clothes you have a eye for great Fashion .

  30. RoBin masshole mommy

    Those boots are fabulous. I recently got a pair of Sorel boots and LOVE them. They’re worth every penny.

  31. The lace up boots are extremely cute!

  32. The Purse looks adorable. Your fashion sense makes this festival so fun and trendy. I love that checklist as well. Thanks for sharing your fashion sense.

  33. I love that purse! It’s so cute.

  34. I bet this festival is so fun. I love me some oversized glasses too.

  35. I love those boots!!! those look awesome! I would love a pair!

  36. Seems like a cool festival.,,, i like that checklist that you put together!

  37. I think it’s great you made a little checklist 🙂

  38. Sounds like a great festival and I love the headband!

  39. Wow, never heard of nor been to a Bohemian Festival and thanks for sharing this because I’d be one of the people like what do I wear, bring, where do I even start. The head piece is awesome an very festive.

  40. Looks like you have a wonderful fashion sense! Thanks for sharing your fashion sense with us!

  41. Love the boots and the clothes you have here! And that headband is SO cool! Amazing ideas!

  42. you have an incredible fashion sense, I need to be more like that, I use pinterest to match my outfits, I have no idea about it really

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