Boho Colors, Chic Hand Knit Baby Blanket


Did you know that you could help break the cycle of extreme poverty in Haiti? This post is a mission of good will straight from my heart. I received a sample blanket from Haiti Babi which did not influence my decision to write this post. I’ve been told I’m too soft hearted at times but I don’t believe that. We as Americans or even humans if you are not from America are not soft hearted enough when there is still poverty all around us. Men, women and children are going hungry while we are sitting down to full course meals. Every time I prepare a meal, I thank the good Lord above for providing it for me and it grieves me to know that someone is going hungry while I’m eating. I can’t donate to every cause but I do donate when I’m able to and I do use my online influence to help spread awareness about poverty that can be so easily solved with such a small thing as a purchase or a donation.

Haiti Babi trains moms in Haiti to create the most beautiful baby blankets that I’ve seen in awhile and this training is helping to end poverty because it is giving theses moms who are more than willing to learn a trade, a way to make an income for themselves and their families. I love all things Boho Chic because I’m more in touch with nature than most people. I wouldn’t say that I’m a free spirit because my spirit belongs to God. I would say that my style is that of a free spirit. These blankets drew me in immediately when I heard about this company and the good will they are providing. When I read that the blankets (they have matching hats as well) were made with 100% Pima cotton all natural products, I was impressed. The Boho stone colors just realed me on in. You are going to love your blanket as much as I love mine.

Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets

I do not knit but I do crochet and none of my baby blankets can come close to comparison of the quality made blankets you can purchase from Hati Babi. I’ve never even felt a yarn as heavy as this. I will be able to use my blanket for many many years to come. I have a family member who is trying to conceive and when that time comes, I can’t wait to wrap our little gift from God in this beautiful signature blanket. When he or she is older I’m going to tell them all about Haiti Baby.

Baby Blankets

I took quite a few photos of my blanket because I wanted you to see how large (32 x 32), thick and well made it is. This blanket will be your favorite baby item. It doesn’t pull like some yarn does and it’s breathable while providing warmth at the same time. On each of the blankets you will see the signature design of the 3 circles and you’ll have the choice of three Boho Chic colors: Stone Teal, Stone Mustard and Stone Sage. These natural colors will go with any decor. There are other tones and color options available. Buy Haiti Babi. Your blanket purchase breaks the cycle of extreme poverty in Haiti – one mom, one family at a time. If you can’t do anything more than sharing this post and this cause, at least do that.

Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi

Haiti Babi

If you don’t know anyone that you can purchase a baby blanket for but you want to help with a Haiti Babi donation, please click on the link and bless you and your kind heart.

Purchase Haiti Baby Blankets or hats.

Please don’t forget to share this post and I’d really appreciate it if you’d use the hashtag #haitibabi with each share.

Haiti Babi

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15 thoughts on “Boho Colors, Chic Hand Knit Baby Blanket

  1. Thanks so much on your wonderful review of the Boho Baby Blankets and how much good they are bringing! This blanket that you have is gorgeous! I really do love it! It looks comfortable and very warm! If I had the money, I certainly would love to purchase one! However, Right now I’m not in a position to do so. Thanks again for the terrific review and the great pictures. I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  2. The colors and selection of items are beautiful. I love the scarf and the blanket… You have an eye for color. 🙂

  3. Very nice blanket! I always prefer the hand made products and happy to know that this is a one such. For such a price, I think it is really a wonderful baby blanket to go for.

  4. What a phenomenal cause and well made blanket. This is something i wasnt even aware of until your post…and that ultimately is what a great blog post should do…open our eyes to something we either didnt know about or hadnt thought of in a particular way. great post!

  5. I have such a deep appreciation for hand made goods like this beautiful baby blanket. The colors are gorgeous and it’s obviously well-made. I love that it will last as a treasured keepsake after baby grows up too!

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