Boho Scarves For Every Budget $5 to $50

Boho Scarves For Every Budget $5 to $50

I can’t believe the bargains I found with these cute boho scarves. There is something for every budget ranging from $5 to $50. I hope you’ll check them all out and give me feedback on your styles.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget $5 to $50

This cute teal colored infinity boho chic scarf would go with so many of my outfits and it’s currently on sale so grab it while you can. At only $5.00 it’s a steal of a deal. There’s only one available so don’t wait around to purchase this. It’s brightly colored, handmade and so boho. Other colors are available but I just love the teal.

Teal Lace Infinity Scarf.

Under $10.

I have a thing for linen so this scarf is a big fave of mine. Linen speaks boho to me and I’m currently saving for some new linen sheets. This scarf is a beautiful color and handmade. Don’t you just love the cute bling? So gypsy, boho. $8.99.

Light Brown Linen Scarf with Multi Colored Pom Poms, Traditional Thai scarf,Ethnic scarf region of Thailand, Boho Scarf,Hippie Gypsy Style.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget

Under $15.

It was love at first sight with this unique artisan Handmade Boho Scarf. It’s colorful enough to be an attention grabber and looks warm enough to tackle any weather. I don’t think you’ll find a better price for this scarf than $11.99. 9 ft of warmth to snuggle in.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget

Under $20.

This next scarf is a vivid Tassel Cowl Scarf and is so boho. It would look adorable on anyone. I love that fringe and big & bold roses.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget

Under $25.

Boho fur. If you’re more of a fur person but don’t want to wear the real thing (I personally think it’s horribly cruel), check out this Faux Fur Infinity Scarf. It would look so cute with your boho outfits and would keep you warm at your next bohemian festival. $24.99 and you can choose from several different colors.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget  $5 to $50

Under $30.

Check out this affordable Vintage Boho Drape Fringe Fur Scarf. I love everything about it and it would go so well with my new boho fringe handbag I recently purchased. It’s under $30 which I think is a great deal for this sweet scarf. $29.99.


Under $35.

Every boho wardrobe should have this gorgeous Boho Fringe Scarf. It’s now on my wish list. I love it in the gray and it would look amazing with a skirt, layers, jeans, whatever. There is just something about the fringe and jewels that grabs me. It’s so bohemian, don’t you think? $32.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget $5 to $50

Under $40.

This Boho scarf Hippie winter shawl is so me, I can’t believe I’m sharing it as there’s only 1 in stock and I reeeeeeeeeeally want it. It would look amazing with my boho chic skirts or jeans. It has such a cool mixture of materials, you can’t get more unique than this. $38.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget  $5 to $50

Under $45.

My next choice is a colorful Boho Scarf, handmade with acrylic yarn, fabric, seed beads and ribbon. It’s colorful and unique as well. At $45. it’s a great deal. There is only 1 available so don’t think about it too long. As you can see, it’s possible to look cute and boho while staying warm.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget  $5 to $50

Under $50.

My last choice is a dark grey bohemian scarf. It’s absolutely gorgeous and runs $49. I’m into different shades of grey this year and I think you’ll agree that this dark shade is really appealing. The fringe is the icing on the cake.

Boho Scarves For Every Budget  $5 to $50

Be sure to let me know which scarf you prefer so I can get a feel for what you like or don’t like.

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39 thoughts on “Boho Scarves For Every Budget $5 to $50

  1. I am just loving these beautiful scarves which looks so trendy & colorful as well. The Teal Lace Infinity Scarf looks awesome & it is surprising that you get one such for 5$. Would love to try these.

  2. I love wearing scarves now and actually just started wearing them this fall. These Boho scarves are gorgeous and I will indeed be checking them out for sure. I loves these prices. Thanks for sharing the deals.

  3. Okay so here’s the deal…I love scarves! And these are beautiful – BUT – I almost never wear them because I think they always look weird on me. It’s sad really because I have a closet full of beautiful scarves.

  4. I have a serious scarf fetish and from fall through spring I almost always have one on. There’s something about keeping the draft off my neck…plus there are some adorable designs out there…and they don’t have to break my budget!

  5. Wow these are all really nice scarves. I love the ones with colours. I tend to usually stick to solids, so I think changing it up and getting a pretty scarf with some colour would be lovely!

  6. Those are such pretty scarves! I love scarves and I really love that faux fur infinity scarf. Hmmm…I think I’m going to give my husband a hint especially that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. πŸ™‚

  7. The scarf that caught my attention its quite pricy hahaha but i like it anyways. The Vintage Boho Drape Fringe Fur Scarf is the one thats driving crazy.. DO they deliver to Vietnam?

  8. I don’t get much of a chance to wear scarves in Florida because it’s never cool enough, but I do love the turquoise colored one! It’s nice and bright!

  9. I love scarves, they make any outfit look better! These are really awesome and affordable too, thank for sharing this list!

  10. I am ALL about scarves. I think they are the best accessory because there are so many different colors, etc.

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