CBD for Your C-A-T: How Your Feline Friend Can Benefit From CBD Cat Treats

CBD for Your C-A-T: How Your Feline Friend Can Benefit From CBD Cat Treats


It’s really interesting to think that nearly 33 million American adults smoke marijuana regularly, but it’s even more interesting to consider that cannabis may have another group of potential users, too: those people’s furry friends.

In recent years, vets and animal experts have started encouraging the use of CBD oil to increase the health of pets. Cats are no exception to this. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to giving CBD cat treats to your pet.

If you have an animal, you’re probably always looking for things that can stop potential health issues or relieve current pain. CBD oil can help with both of these things!

Read on to learn more about the ways that giving your cat these oils can positively affect your pet’s health.

What Is CBD Oil?

Before getting into the benefits of giving CBD oil to your cat, it’s important to understand what CBD oil is and what it does. When people think of cannabis, they tend to think of passing a blunt between friends and… well, a lot of giggling, among other things. But this isn’t what CBD oil is at all.

CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant that relaxes the body without giving the mind a high. Basically, it just causes the muscles of the user to relax and helps tension to go away. It won’t make you giggly and happy, but it will make you sleep better and be less anxious or upset.

And, before you ask, yes, it is completely legal in all states of the US! People in all sorts of demographics use it, from people who want to relieve anxiety to the mentally ill to the pained elderly.

Encourages Healing

One of the best benefits of CBD oil is that it makes the user heal from wounds faster. This is no different when using it on your cat.

CBD use stimulates the endocannabinoid and immune systems in animals, which leads to faster healing from injuries or sickness. It also increases the appetite of your cat, which will stop them from becoming malnourished. It’s becoming more widely accepted to give CBD to cats, because when you do, you’re giving them a better quality of life and decreased risk of being in pain.

This is especially the case for older cats. When your furry friend ages and starts to suffer from arthritis or other aches and pains, CBD treats can help soothe strained muscles and decrease pain.

Reduces Cancer Risk

CBD oil is also really helpful in preventing cancer in cats. Your cat’s cells have PPA receptors beneath the nucleus. When these kick into action, the body becomes healthier and is less likely to contract severe diseases.

Using CBD treats can help to stimulate these cells. When this happens, your cat is going to naturally develop a stronger immune system to fight off diseases like cancers. Since CBD slows down and relaxes the body, it stops bodily systems from becoming overactive and growing cancer cells.

If you’re looking for a way to naturally regulate your animal’s immune system and stave off these problems, CBD oil for cats is definitely an option you need to consider.

Prevents Seizures

Many experts and vets also agree that CBD oil can help to prevent seizures in pets. In fact, there have been two clinical studies on the effects of CBD oil on animals. Granted, both of these studies were conducted on dogs, but because the immune system of cats is like that of dogs, vets everywhere are beginning to recommend CBD treats for cats, too.

It can be tough to treat a cat with epilepsy in other ways. Lots of seizure prevention meds that are given to animals cause a lot more issues than they fix. They can reduce appetite or cause pain in other ways.

With CBD oil, this isn’t an issue. Since CBD comes directly from the cannabis plant, it contains nothing artificial that causes bad side effects for your cat. If your cat has or is at risk of developing epilepsy, cannabis oil just might be your best bet.

Helps Anxiety

Since CBD relaxes the body and muscles of your pet, it’s no surprise that your cat can get a lot of anxiety relief from these oils. A lot of anxiety is caused by muscle tension, and a lot of muscle tension is caused by anxiety, which is a really vicious cycle.

Luckily, because CBD treats muscle tension, both of these problems can go away easily. When you give CBD oil to your cat, you can make them less prone to fear and panic.

Pain Relief

This can also lead to other positive medical developments. These developments can make sure your pet is healthy and prevent them from being in pain.

Having less anxiety leads to a better appetite, which can make your cat maintain a healthy weight and ensure that she gets the nutrients she needs. It also can lead to more restful sleep so your cat is more active during waking hours. A less tired cat is a happy cat!

Get CBD Cat Treats!

A lot of people might be reluctant to give their cats CBD at first, but vets agree that doing this might be one of the best things you can do for your fur baby. There are so many wonderful health benefits to giving your kitty this completely natural (and legal) healing oil. If you want to buy CBD treats for your pet, make sure you buy from a well-known brand like Penguin CBD, a brand founded by Deep Patel.

Now that you know all the best reasons to get CBD cat treats for your best friend, visit this page to learn more about nice things you can do for your furry friend.

Happy healing!

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