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Charms and Bangle from SOUFEEL

Charms and Bangle from SOUFEEL

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I received the below mentioned product for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been reviewing and wearing my new SOUFEEL charm bracelet with charms that I selected (this wasn’t an easy task as I wanted them all) and I think everyone will agree that it’s just adorable. It’s a wee bit small on me but that’s my fault for ordering the wrong size. That hasn’t stopped me from wearing it everywhere I go. For my photos, I put on all of the charms I received and selected but I mix and match them and don’t always wear them all at one time.

When you select $100 worth of charms, you get a charm bracelet free which is a great deal. The charms are different prices and mine came to $150. I want to mention before going any further that right now you can get up to 75% off select charms for Mother’s Day so be sure to check them out. Also, check out the presale and you’ll be happy to know that the presale charms are all 80% off. Your order will come with a gift bag and a gift box.


The bracelet is double clasped so it isn’t going anywhere. Once I put it on, it’s on to stay. I love the silver as it goes so well with all of my boho chic clothing items. So do the cute charms I selected which I’ll share below.


I selected so many cute charms that I can’t decide which is my favorite.


Here are all the charms I selected in case you’d like to purchase any or all of the same ones. I am so happy with my selection and like I said I mix and match them depending on where I’m going and what I’m wearing. For Mother’s Day I’m sure I’ll wear all of them to show to friends and family so they’ll have a chance to see them in person. I come from a long line of a jewelry loving family and truthfully, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like jewelry.

I don’t think two of these are still available but I checked this morning and the others are. So hurry and head on over to SOUFEEL (Use code Terri5 for 5% off) and check out your favorite charms or those that you think your mom would love for Mother’s Day.

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  1. Bracelets are probably the most jewelry you’ll see me wearing. Most of the time it’s a wooden one. These charms are pretty cute though!

  2. Those are cute charms. I’d have to get a kid and a dog…a baseball, an artist’s palette and the Statue of Liberty. My interests are fairly diverse.

  3. I feel like charm bracelets are something women love for their entire lives! It’s interesting to see how our tastes change as we get older!

  4. I love charms and have collected a few from Tiffany, Stella and Dot, and Keep Collective. Thanks for sharing your Charms and Bangle from SOUFEEL post! I have to look into them because they are so cute and look similar to Pandora. :)

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