Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats #cats #kittens – Shabby Chic Boho

Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats #cats #kittens

Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats #cats  #kittens

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I received a sample product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.

Chelsea has a new cat hammock and she can’t get enough of it. And who can blame her, check out my photos to see how fun it is. After receiving a Pet Magasin cat hammock for review purposes, I gave my SIL the project of putting it together. Had I known just how easy it was to do, I would have done it myself. Within minutes he had it put together and he then left it in the middle of the floor to see what Chelsea would do. She loves new things, she’s definitely a curious cat, and before long, she had claimed her new cat hammock.

The directions are super easy to follow.

Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats

Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats

It was a nice surprise to see just how sturdy the hammock was. I’ve not always had the best of luck with cat perch or sleep products because Chelsea weighs more than she looks like she does. She’s a heavy cat and things like window cat perch’s have broken the first time she jumps on them. So, I was a little bit nervous about reviewing this product for her.

Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats

After checking it out, Chelsea gave it her paw of approval.

Chelseas New Cat Hammock #PetMagasinCats

After reviewing Chelsea’s new cat hammock, it’s easy for me to agree that Pet Magasin truly does spend countless hours in developing, sourcing, and testing their pet products. They work hard to make sure their products are safe for our beloved pets. I feel like the quality of the product is in line with the price and the hammock has already given Chelsea hours of luxury entertainment.

I’m going to have to check out their dog heated bed for Peanut next. He’s a Chihuahua and gets cold fairly often even in the winter because I keep the AC on full blast. I keep a full-size heating blanket on for him 24/7 but I can see how a smaller dog bed would be more economic and the size would be more fitting.

For all of my cat owner readers (or dog owners because I think dogs would also love this hammock), I’ve got a savings for you today. To claim your own 30% off discount, visit the Pet Magasin website ( or on Amazon ( and use PROMO CODE: 5F2WSQO4.

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  1. Oh dear, this is such a cool hammock! I wish dogs can have the same! Your cat can go on the beach with you lying in its own hammock! So cute!!!

  2. this is really nice, for the pets comfortable living. It is nice invention and really I am looking forward to see how we could use it.

  3. This is amazing for cats! I know that cats love to lay around and relax. I have seen something like this before and the cats always look so comfy!

  4. This is indeed a treat for any cat to have a hammock. I will have to share this with my brother who spoils his cat. Thanks for sharing this awesome it any cat would enjoy.

  5. How fun! I am sure my cat would like this as well! Cats love lounging around on everything so this would be a perfect place to just relax and take a nap.

  6. This is such a cute idea for cats! Our problem is the dogs would probably try to fit in it and break it. Or the cats would fight over who got to use it.

  7. That is so cool for cats. I mean, what cat wouldn’t just love their own private place to hang out like that?

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