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As I age, my skin gets drier than I want it to be. During my teen years, it was oily and as much as I complained about that back then, I’d love to have just a smidgen of that oily skin now. Of course if that were the case, I’d complain about it. Oily skin causes clogged pores and other icky problems. Since I now have the dreadful dry skin that I do, I have to use products to moisturize my face (and neck). I decided I wanted to try Ageless Derma Swiss Apple Stem Cell Oil Free Continuous Moisturizer because I use a serum and I wanted a product that I could use with the serum, and because I’ve been a fan of Ageless Derma since I first used their products years ago.

Ageless Derma Swiss Apple Stem Cell Oil-Free

This product is oil free but it provides the moisture my face is lacking by using ingredients that help with moisture as well as working to diminish the appearance of fine lines and by increasing my skin elasticity. It’s wonderful. I apply it every morning and I don’t take it off until I wash my face before bedtime. I haven’t had to use it on my face and neck area twice a day so I don’t. I do use it on my hands at night though, even though it’s a facial moisturizer. I’m also contemplating using it on my feet too but that’s a whole other post lol. I despise my dry feet.

Ageless Derma Swiss Apple Stem Cell Oil-Free

The moisturizer gives my face the hydration it needs without the extra oil and I especially love the fact that it’s a natural moisturizer. It doesn’t take much at all so it’s going to last a pretty good while. I apply it under my makeup without any problems and like I mentioned, I use it with my serum as well (on top of it). I’ve been using Ageless Derma products for a few years now because they work and because they are affordable. They offer something for everyone and I even bought several products to give as Christmas gifts last year. I wish I could give each of you a sample of this moisturizer to try but I can’t. I can however direct you to the link so you can buy your own. Please click on Ageless Derma to see their products and more information about this continuous moisturizer.

A little more information from the good folks at Ageless Derma….

Ageless Derma

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What is your #1 problem skin complaint?

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53 thoughts on “Giveaway Continuous Facial Moisturizer, Ageless Derma”

  1. I used to have cracks in my hands when I was young, it happened in the winter right after I wash my hands, it bleed and was so bad and had to put a moisturizer to treat it.

  2. I’m always looking for new products that help with fine lines and wrinkles. This looks great 🙂 🙂
    Posted on your other site to help 🙂

  3. Thank you for your fantastic review on the moisturizer. Although I don’t currently suffer from any skin problems or dryness, I am responsible for helping my mother with her purchases. She’s been looking for something for her dry skin for months, but everything she finds does not solve the problem entirely so I’m really hoping this ends up helping.

  4. My #1 skin problem is dry skin. And it seems like it got worse when I got here in the US. I think it’s because of the cold weather. That’s why I have to have my moisturizer every single day.

  5. Thank you for your review. I have never used Swiss Apple before. The use of glycerin is cool since it’s an effective ingredient in retaining moisture. I will have to look into them and give it a try. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Cara (@StylishGeek) recently posted…Be Your Own Barista!My Profile

  6. I have to put in soooo much effort to make my skin hydrated in the winter months. I have terrible combination skin so my skin is usually a little greasy while having dry patches at the same time – sooo annoying. This moisturizer seems very effective I will definitely have to look into it!
    jessica @ Sprinkle Some Sugar recently posted…Cinnamon Roll DonutsMy Profile

  7. I do need some moisture. My face is good, but my legs are so dry in the winter. I hate it!

  8. My number one skin complaint used to be combination dry and oily skin. Now I would say it’s aging skin. I’m 38 and my face is starting to show age and lines around my eyes.

  9. My biggest skin issue has always been my eczema. I have sensitive skin to begin with so I have to be careful about what I use. But when if I use something that irritates my skin too much, my eczema starts to flare.

  10. My number skin care problem is redness in the cheeks which on occasion can remain for the day. Of course I can not allow that, which is why I never leave home without my bb cream!

  11. During Winter season, my skin problem is dryness. I hate that it makes my skin very try to the point that it’s so itchy. I have never tried this product before but it sounds like a good one basing from your review.

  12. I struggle with dry skin too….especially during this cold winter we’re having! This product looks great. I’ll have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. My skin definitely gets a lot dryer in the winter and in the summer it’s ten times better. Really enjoyed reading this, thank you!

  14. My biggest skin complaint is that it can’t keep up with the different environments we go to. This sounds like an amazing product for the skin. It’s hard to keep up with our skin as it changes with age.
    Tammilee Tips recently posted…Amazing JORD Wood WatchMy Profile

  15. I have two skin complaints. 1 the blackheads on my nose that I can’t get rid of. and the dark circles under my new mom eyes. ( I dont sleep through the night very much). Now that I am 32, I totally need to start thinking about age lotion. maybe I will try this.

  16. This sounds like a great product! I’m concerned with breakouts. One day my face is oily and the next day it’s peeling and dry. I think it has a lot to do with the weather right now too.

  17. This sounds like a great product! I am always on the lookout for a new moisturizer!! My biggest skin complaint is that I still get acne from time to time.

  18. I have had adult acne since the age of 21. It gets bad and then clears up and gets bad again. I’d like to find a regimen that isn’t’ expensive and works consistently. I have a mix of oily and dry skin in my t zone and break out off and on. I’d just like to have the skin thing down already!

  19. I am approaching 50 and my skin is starting to show it with some dryness and wrinkles.

  20. Omg I love conditioner, and I pile it on in the shower and leave it on the entire time. I need all the moisture I can get in my hair.

  21. My number one skin complaint is that my skin is wicked dry in the winter. Other than that, I have great skin.

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