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Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Their Kids

Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Their Kids

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We’ve been enjoying a Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads and Their Kids and I have to agree that this subscription box would make an amazing gift for modern dads as well as the little ones. I don’t know who is enjoying it more, big kid or little kid. My guess is both. They have been rocking out with the desktop drum set on a daily basis. D.A.I.L.Y. It’s the first thing they head to when they are home. While they “play” I get a lot more accomplished around the house. Thank you for that #cooperandkid.


Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Their Kids

Our subscription box was filled to the rim with cool stuff to help dad and daughter spend time bonding and it’s really working. Every three months, subscribers get a box filled with themed projects that both dads and kids find cool. And hey, cool is cool, right? I can’t name everything that came in this package but let me just say that when I said it was filled to the rim, that’s exactly what I meant. They turned a plate into a speaker {not even kidding about that} and have played more games in one month than I think they have E.V.E.R.

Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Their Kids




Valentine’s Day and Easter are both coming up. Don’t just give dad candy that will be gone in a day, give him a Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Their Kids. Every 3 months, dad {and kids} will receive a new box filled with new and exciting bonding games and activities that will make memories that last a lifetime. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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Shabby Chic Boho received a sample product for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Subscription boxes are the coolest, of course my favorite is the beauty boxes ahaha

    I would love to give a Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads + Their Kids a try but sadly, we don;t have subscription boxes here that is for dads, only for kids and it’s not that cheap! haha

  2. This is seriously so cool! I always love finding cool subscription boxes and this one is so different than any that I’ve heard of. I think I am going to subscribe to this because this is such a great way for my son and his father to bond! So fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just love the concept behind these subscription boxes. I know for my daughters specifically, they loved getting a chance to do “projects” with their dad, even if they were just simple little fixes around the house. Getting to sit down together and construct something like this would have been awesome!

  4. Sweet box. Most of the ones I have seen just have quite small items. I like that this one is every 3 months. I guess that is why it seems to have better items. The drum set looks like a lot of fun.

  5. I absolutely love this idea! MY son and husband always play together, and it would be so fun to provide them with some extra play items. I am definitely going to look into this!!

  6. What a great subscription box to bond dads and their kids together. I’m always looking for the cool kid subscription boxes, this is totally something they would like. Except it would be with me, because they barely see their dad as it is now, lol. I will have to check this one out. Not sure I would want drums in the house though, they are plenty loud without them.

  7. Awh!! I love ideas like this- my hubby is a pretty awesome Dad but, admittedly, he struggles with the “What to do with them” thing. He and my son both lack imagination so this could really help with something like that, further bonding and promote a lot of fun between all of them. What *don’t* they have a subscription box for nowadays, eh?
    I dunno about you but, once I see my hubby spending a ton of quality time with our children….gah. Gets me every time.

  8. What type of subscription box will they come up with next? More and more I see new ideas for subscription boxes popping up. This box would probably entertain my kiddo more than my husband.

  9. This sounds like a great way to encourage quality time between dads and their children! I do wonder how they decide the subject of the project (e.g. what would make it more appealing to dads than say, just a parent in general… (but I say that as a female whose parents raised me with Transformers and Legos and construction sets so that I wouldn’t be swayed by everything princess and pink.) In terms of creativity and building (and quality of the projects), these look awesome. Can’t wait to have a kid to play with these! ;)


  10. I think it is absolutely great that you’re pushing for a musical education. I learned the violin for 5 years, and became pretty good at it. I credit that education with some of my later successes and skills in life. There’s too little varied education these days, and when it is present, it is extremely limited. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. I must say the types of subscription-based products are getting more interesting and lovely! This Cooper kit is so cool and I love the part when it affords quality time with Dad and kid/s. I will have to check them out. I actually think my Dad (Grandpa) might find this enjoyable since he often complains the kids nowadays is all about gadgets that he just wants to spend time without playing a video game (LOL!). :)

  12. What a cute and inventive subscription box service. I love anything that allows dad and children bonding time. The drums were the first thing to grab my attention. They are too cute and my little drummer would love that set!

  13. I love subscription boxes anyway, but this is a really fantastic one! I wish we had it over here in the UK, because that drum kit is too amazing, me and my boys would love to pretend to be Phil Collins with that ;) Every three months means that I can feel like I’ve invested in a special treat too.

  14. Yeah that really is a cool kit that encourage dads and kids to spend quality time together. I would want that also if I were a kid. I immediately thought that the plates were really turned to a speaker! Whaha. I have read somewhere that that is possible!

  15. This is an incredible idea! I am definitely going to look into it for Valentine’s Day. My fiance and daughter have an incredible bond and it grows daily, but he often talks about how he gets sad thinking about all the “firsts” and such that he missed with her. I think this would be so incredible for both of them not only to have activities to do together, but to give him ownership of some “first” memories- building things, trying new activities, etc. Thank you so much for sharing! I am definitely going to sign up for this :)

  16. Sounds like a great sub box, i have not seen many daddy boxes but have seen a few kiddie boxes. The majority of sub boxes i see are beauty, accessories or clothes its amazing. I will share this box with my brother for him and my nephew.

  17. This drum set is so adorable! What a great subscription service. I had never heard of this. I love finding these subscriptions that are good for men and this one is so unique! I love that it can be used for Daddy bonding.

  18. I think Cooper Kit sounds like one of the best subscription boxes I have heard of yet! I think often it can be difficult for Dads to really think of activities to do with the kids, so this gives them a built in idea. I think this would be great for a Father’s Day Gift or something similar!

  19. The drum set is just the cutest little thing. This is my first time hearing about this subscription. However, thanks to the drums they included they have my attention and I may just have to try them out.

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