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Crazy Men's Socks #ValentinesDayGiftsForHim

I like products that are unusual and not the norm when it comes to gift giving. Maybe it’s because, after all of these years, the one thing that’s stayed true to form with me is my sense of humor. I get tickled over the smallest thing and giggle until I’m crying, lol. So, yeah, I don’t like the normal boring things that others do when it comes to special occasions.

Valentine’s Day is on my mind with January coming to a close today and I’ve been on the search for something to get the men in my family as gifts. Then along comes a chance to review a Crazy Men’s Socks subscription service and lands in my lap. Or my feet, depending on which way you look at it. No, definitely my lap. Or desk.

This isn’t your ordinary subscription service, this is a subscription service with a cause. And it’s the social cause that really made this my choice for this year’s #1 gift idea. For every single pair of socks sold, they donate a pair to charity. Not that the socks aren’t funky and cute because they are. How this works is that once you sign up, they send you two pairs of socks a month. They then donate two pairs of socks to a homeless shelter. Your man will love his unique and perky socks and someone in need will enjoy a nice warm pair of socks, thanks to your kindness, they would not be able to receive, otherwise. You do not have to have a subscription service to help. You can purchase an individual pair of socks from their website (or pairs because the more you buy, the more you can help those in need).

Crazy Men's Socks #ValentinesDayGiftsForHim

Crazy Men's Socks #ValentinesDayGiftsForHim

Crazy Men's Socks #ValentinesDayGiftsForHim

Monthly Subscription:

– 2 stylish pairs each month
– 2 pairs donated to those in need
– Free shipping worldwide on your sock subscription
– 80% combed cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane
– Men’s Sizes 7-13 (One size fits most)
– Register by February 5th for the February pairs

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16 thoughts on “Crazy Men’s Socks My Society Socks

  1. I love to support companies that give back like this. Fun socks are great way to dress up an outfit. I will have to pick out a few pairs for my Son.

  2. I love that they donate two pairs to those in need for every two pairs they sell. It seems like we’re very slowly waking up to the importance of giving back, and I like that.

  3. I always loved a good print on my socks…. And I think my son is following in my footsteps! I really need to look into this for him! I bet he’d love them

  4. My husband loves fun socks! I have never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing, this would make a great birthday gift!

  5. I love crazy socks and I love that they have crazy socks for men too!! These are actually really nice looking and could totally be worn with dress clothes!

  6. These are so awesome! My husband is currently transitioning to a more white collar position within his company and crazy socks would be a great way to have a little fun while still appearing professional.

  7. These would be fun to get for my hubby! He never wears fun socks, but I think he should! His birthday is coming up so I think I might get these for him as a fun gift!

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