Creating interior design ideas using your own fashion style


There is a significant link between fashion design and home design, with many people choosing to base the look of their interior on their personal style. Using your own fashion style as a point of focus for your home will enable you to create an interior design idea that is personal to you, and will transform your environment into a comfortable and inviting place to relax and unwind.

Creating interior design ideas using your own fashion style

Many people choose to bring their fashion style into many aspects of their lives as it enables them to re-create a style that they like and are familiar with. Bringing your own personal style into your home will help to add character and create stylish, unique rooms. Whether you love bright colors that make a statement or soothing, soft pastels, you can easily incorporate your favorite look into the design of your home.

Shabby chic is a popular design that can work in any home. Even if you are not usually interested in this style, the pastel colors and antique furniture is sure to create a relaxed, vintage feel for your home. Classic styles of this kind include a white color scheme with soft linens, which helps to create a bright, spacious living space. Sky blues also work well with this theme.

If shabby chic is not your type of style, you can still introduce elements of the design into your home without having to give it a complete makeover. Many people now choose to mix contemporary furniture with antique accessories to create a modern but rustic feel. Using a mixture of styles will help to add a little character to your home, making your rooms look stylish and unique but also warm and inviting.

This is also a great choice of design if you are on a budget. You can mix and match different furnishings and salvage vintage items to help create the look, or even distress your own furniture, a popular style for shabby chic designs. Simple accessories such as antique mirrors, wall art or vintage photo frames can also help to complete the look without the need to spend too much.

Shutters are a great addition to any home and complement a wide variety of styles. They are particularly ideal for those looking for classic window designs. Browsing a shutter store gallery will help to provide you with some inspiration and decide which styles best suit your home. Shutters not only add style to a home but also provide natural light, creating bright spacious rooms and allowing you to have plenty of control over privacy.

Decorating your home is a process that can feel very personal; you will want to create a living environment that not only suits your own style, but also one that is relaxing and familiar. Browsing through different designs and experimenting with different color schemes will help you to find something that matches and complements your own personal style.

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17 thoughts on “Creating interior design ideas using your own fashion style

  1. I love decorating, we are in the process of redecorating our home head to toe. We are more modern and clean in our decor but we certainly include our individual style.

  2. Very nice. I tend to be too neutral when it comes to design and style. I’m trying to branch out a little this year as we work on our home.

  3. These are indeed awesome creative interior design ideas. I like the vintage look over any other look really but with a touch of modern. Thanks for sharing the interior design ideas.

  4. My style is anything with a western theme, since I’m in Texas, the Star of Texas is very popular. Everybody has their own style, I like being consistent.

  5. We are currently remodelling out home. I will definitely have to keep all of this in mind! Some great ideas here!

  6. I love the Shabby Chic look. It’s just so welcoming and comfortable! I would love to do a beach house in all Shabby Chic, with beach glass and driftwood for extra measure!

  7. Thanks for sharing your ideas and mentioning the Shutter store gallery. I have used bamboo blinds and wood blinds in my home but was always curious about shutters. I will definitely look into it!

  8. Love the design! If done right, shabby chic looks amazing in any space! We just did our master bedroom and I love it!

  9. So true! Interior design is closely related to fashion style. That’s why my home is decorated in colors that flatter me and colors that make me happy. 🙂

  10. I always try to incorporate my own design style in my interior decor. Whether it’s a color I’m particularly loving or a nautical theme, I always like to bring things that make me smile into my home space!

  11. I love the idea of using your own style (though I’m not entirely sure what mine is!) and that shabby chic can work anywhere. I really think that’s true. It just requires a little bit of thought and the results can be amazing!

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