Customized wedding gifts for him and her

Customized wedding gifts for him and her

So you have a wedding to go to and you are over the moon about it, but you start to realize you will need to buy a wedding present and you get nervous because you don’t have any ideas about what the appropriate present would be. It makes it even worse if it is someone close to you, someone important. It would be nice to buy something practical, not too expensive, something that will last for a long time and remind them of you often. Maybe it is not all so difficult, here are a few suggestions.

A glass dome server

Customized wedding gifts for him and her

Getting married means starting a new family and a new household so anything that can be used by the family as a unit is a great gift. A server can be the mainstay of all the family holiday meals and guest parties. When there is no party, it evokes the happy and festive times. These are usually made of a maple wood tray that can be customized with something like “The Smiths’ Estate 2015” and a glass dome top which makes it look elegant and is great decoration too.

Framed art

Customized wedding gifts for him and her

You can hire a graphic designer to produce a custom piece of art – the themes can be the map of the place where the couple met framed in a heart design, art commemorating important dates for the couple, their old photos of when they just got together, an image of a place they are dreaming of visiting together with their names on it and so on. The options here are really endless. Once you have the design done, it is easy to have it printed out and framed, sometimes the artists will do this for you as well.


Customized wedding gifts for him and her

If there was a perfect wedding present, it would have to be a love poem. Or even better, a customized love poem honoring the love and the bond these two people have. There are poets, some of them quite renowned, who write custom poetry for these types of occasions. You tell them about the couple, their love story, and the poet writes about it in lovely inspiring verse. It will melt everyone’s hearts and the couple will cherish it forever. It doesn’t have to be cheesy either.

Bridal robes

Customized wedding gifts for him and her

Marriage means intimacy and bridal robes are a perfect gift symbolic of the initiation into this realm of marital life. There are robes that can be embroidered with bride and groom’s names on the back, maybe their initials or a monogram. You can also add some customized towels as well, with some bathing products like organic soaps, bath bombs and body lotions. Soft and fuzzy robes and the heavenly scent of pampering products will make for a good gift.

A course

Customized wedding gifts for him and her

You can sign the new husband and wife up for a class, something that they have a common interest in, like cooking, pottery, painting, where they can explore their creativity together, or something that promises romantic times like ballroom dancing, tango or sailing.

Whatever you decide to do, think about it well, choose something both of them will enjoy, something that promotes together time and will become a cherished household item or a dear memory to them.

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  1. Signing up for a class would be a great gift. I think it would be unusual too, and a great way to keep giving once the wedding was over.

  2. These are so cool! Weddings are super fun to go to, especially if it’s a friend’s wedding. I would definitely consider these as gifts for the bride and groom.

  3. The bridal robes are so beautiful and we never thought about it! Definitely will add this idea to our next wedding gift list

  4. These are really great gift ideas. I love the bathrobe idea. I am looking for a gift to my friend that getting married next week. I’m so glad you post it.

  5. I literally don’t know anyone getting married. At all. But I am sure at some point, I will, so I will keep thiese things in mind.

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