Deal Alert! Rollback on Little Remedies® Gas Drops #MyLittleRemedies #Cbias

Deal Alert! Rollback on Little Remedies® Gas Drops #MyLittleRemedies #Cbias

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“Savings Alert! Don’t be caught unprepared this season. Now is the time to get ready for all the unexpected things that come up with your little ones during the winter season. Whether you are traveling to visit family, spending the winter days home snuggled up or have a new baby in the family, you want to have the products on hand so you are ready.
Deal Alert! Rollback on Little Remedies® Gas Drops #MyLittleRemedies #Cbias

Little Remedies® Gas Drops 1 oz. are now on rollback through January at Walmart for only $7.17! And Little Remedies® Honey Cough Syrup 4oz is on rollback through January at Walmart for only $5.97! Get stocked up now, so you’ll be prepared! “


  1. Savings on these products is great! I know that we use them more now than we ever did with little ones in the family.

  2. Little remedies is one of my favorite brands. I love that they have a gas relief also.

  3. We always had gas drops in our cabinet when our kids were small. They worked wonders!

  4. This is absolutely a great deal and this is perfect for this winter season. Glad you share this

  5. This is such a great deal and perfect for this cold season, a lot of kids and even adults get sick because of the cold weather.

  6. I love the branding of these. I love the honey cough syrup and I like they fact they are going in an all natural route!

  7. My kids are both adults now so we no longer purchase these, but i’m sure this is good news to parents out there! It’s nice to have medicine ready in the house. What an awesome deal to take advantage of!

  8. Oooo now that is one awesome deal!!! I will be picking up a box when I go grocery shopping later this week!

  9. This is a nice deal! It will be great to have some of these remedies just in case the little ones aren’t feeling well.

  10. My daughter has been sick a lot during this winter so we have used a lot of cough syrup. I haven’t heard of Little Remedies® before, so have to check them out.

  11. Oh I remember theses so well form when my kids were younger! Great time for a great deal!

  12. These worked so well when my kids were little! Thank you for sharing the sale~

  13. This is so interesting for us as a parents, thsnk you so much for sharing

  14. They are great ideas! Honey cough syrup seems pretty good for kids:)

  15. What a fantastic discount. I have a hernia and acid reflux so the gas drops might help me out possibly?

  16. What an awesome deal! We really need this especially this winter season.

  17. I have just been out today and stocked up ready for the illnesses we always seem to get this time of year. We don’t have these products in the UK but always get similar things in for the ready

  18. Amazing how many new baby products have come on the market since my boys were little. You’re right that you have to be prepared for the running noses, and once you find something the kids like … stick with it.

  19. My sister used to have a stock of this Honey Cough Syrup in her medicine cabinet. I will probably tell her about this price rollback.

  20. My teen likes honey cough syrup. I like that it is all natural

  21. HONEY – why can’t I find adult cough syrup in honey. I have been sick on and off since Christmas and if cherries tasted like cherry flavored cough syrup no one would eat them.

  22. What an awesome deal! I used to use the gas drops when my kids were tiny.

  23. Thanks for sharing. For my kids most of the time i give them Honey Cough syrup and it really works good.

  24. These are perfect for this time of year! There are lots of bugs and cough going around at the minute so its always good to stock up on medicene cupboard!

  25. I used to use the gas drops with my kids when they were little. It worked wonders on their tummies! I’ll have to try the honey cough syrup for my daughter. She has a cold this week, and it sounds like this is a good product!

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