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Declutter these 3 spaces for a tidy looking home

Declutter these 3 spaces for a tidy looking home

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The first thing you should do is supply yourself with functional solutions to store your possessions. These can be open shelves, containers for small items, baskets, etc. Once you buy the cabinets, open shelves, boxes and storage supplies you need you should set order by designating where each type of items will be stored. It is necessary to divide all things by type to four piles: for sale, donating, throwing away and putting somewhere else in your home. Store books, toys and other things of the same time at one place. Now you can move them to the places you have chosen for them.

Kitchen Decluttering

When ridding your kitchen of the clutter start with the pans, pots, and containers. Remove all items with broken handles, plates, and cups that are cracked or broken, pans and pots that have a thick layer of burnt fat. You should throw away plastic containers with missing lids and chipped china. It is recommended to tidy your pantry three times each year to remove the goods with expired dates. Wash the containers and arrange them by type. Your kitchen cabinets and pantry should be accessible and functional at all times.

Declutter these 3 spaces for a tidy looking home

Bedroom Decluttering

The main rule when decluttering bedrooms are storing the seasonal clothes hung in wardrobes. TenancyClean W11 suggests putting all clothes which are out of season in your cabinets and drawers. This way you will double the wardrobe space you have. The rule can be applied for your and your kids’ wardrobes. If you don’t have the shelves you need for your built-in cabinets, buy suitable storage pieces of furniture to mount in your cabinets and place in your bedrooms.

Declutter these 3 spaces for a tidy looking home

You can use suitcases for extra storage space under your beds. Buy dividers to separate by style and type different sectors in your drawers for underwear, socks, T-shirts, etc. This way you will find what you need faster and easier.

Bathroom Decluttering

Decluttering this room is important for getting rid of the expired and no longer used supplies. To be effective in the work clear out all shampoos, shower gels, makeup and cleaning products from the bathroom cabinets and shelves. This way you can check each item and if there are such which you no longer use or have expired, you can toss them in the rubbish bin. Broken and non-functioning tools should also be thrown away to free space. Once you finish clearing the bathroom storage supplies you will know what you have and what products you need. Provide regular decluttering of your bathroom to keep it functional and neat.

Declutter these 3 spaces for a tidy looking home

The key to keeping your home clutter-free is always put the things you use where they belong and don’t create piles of them on other places. Now that everything is in its place you will need less time for cleaning your furniture, appliances, and whole rooms. Set order in every room in your home and spend time each week to go through the wardrobes, cabinets and shelves to remove the unnecessary items. Decluttering and cleaning your rooms will make them presentable and hygienic so, you will feel free to invite your friends anytime without worries. Use the rules and tips presented here to maintain your home dust-free and tidy.

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  1. These decluttering tips are very timely for me since we are currently selling our house and getting rid of so much clutter. I just love donating and finding someone else who can use stuff that is cluttering my life.

  2. Hi Terri,

    These are some easy and effective tips! There are so many things to be done in my kitchen, especially when I keep gifts such as cups that I don’t even use. Thank you for this useful post!


  3. I love decluttering because it leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed. Plus it helps when cleaning to have everything decluttered. The kitchen is my one place that always needs to be decluttered because it is the hub of our home.

  4. Great advise! These are definitely my problem areas of our house. I really need to make them part of my spring cleaning. Which of-course i am running behind on.

  5. I am always decluttering lol. I’m such a clean freak that everything has its on space and always tidy.

  6. My dad was military and my husband was military, too LOL. It’s always been everything has a place and everything in its place for me. I think these are great tips for those wanting get started. HAHA my OCD, I’d be moving the spice cabinet stuff to get in order!

  7. OH you are a life saver with these tips, I need to declutter my home badly and these areas are the worst for me. Appreciate the inspiration today.

  8. These are fantastic tips, I am famous for just building up clutter in those areas of my home because they just tend to be a collect all location;)

  9. My spice cabinet is in the worse condition ever. I buy and add, buy and add. I snatch him all out like a crazy person when I’m looking for something and then toss them all back.

    I’m going to make this a priority. lol

  10. Great tips. My kitchen has a shelf and the top of the fridge that is just full of clutter. I am actually ridding all of it today, and I cannot wait! I can’t stand clutter.

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