Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay @Shoplet #Shopletbloggers – Shabby Chic Boho

Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay @Shoplet #Shopletbloggers

Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay @Shoplet #Shopletbloggers

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I received yet another great product from Shoplet to help keep me organized and on track to meet all of my deadlines. I don’t have to shift through my clutter any longer. If you are running out of desk space, I think a Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay from Safco might be the solution you’re looking for as well.

My Artistic Logo Pad Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay has helped me clear up my desk with notes and clutter. I can keep everything under the clear overlay and because it is clear, I can see everything at a single glance. I have a large laptop and I love that I can sit it on my organizer with plenty of space to spare. It’s black in color and it has a cushioned writing surface which will come in handy as my arthritis worsens. The pad is rectangular in size. Another feature I like is that it has Metric and English rulers on the overlay. That makes measuring quick and easy and I don’t have to hunt down my rulers. The kids never put anything back where it goes, lol.

Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay @Shoplet #Shopletbloggers

Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay @Shoplet #Shopletbloggers

Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay @Shoplet #Shopletbloggers

The desktop organizer is super easy to keep clean. I use a WaterWipe on it every other day or so to keep it clear and clean. You can purchase this and all of your other office supplies needs on Shoplet. Don’t forget your medical supplies, cleaning supplies, and office furniture while you are there.

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  1. Shoplet has so much to offer for the home office and out of home office. Been buying from them for 4 years now. Great products.

  2. This is super cute, I need something like this for my desk just as soon as I can keep it cleaned off long enough! I love the idea of having a clear overlay organizer!

  3. Oh my gosh, this would be perfect for my makeup table! I know it’s meant for desks, but it would make wiping it down after applying makeup so much easier <3

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