Details That Make Flower Girls So Adorable

Details that Make Flower Girls So Adorable

The bride is always in the center of attention of course, but the flower girl is almost certain to steal the show and get all the awws. With her rosy cheeks, you know she will be as cute as a button. But can you make her feel even more special and make the walk down the aisle enjoyable for her as well? We have compiled a list of flower girl must-haves that all your guests will find adorable and your special little guest will love. Here they are.

Details that Make Flower Girls So Adorable
The Dress

It goes without saying, but the dress is the most important part of the entire flower girl outfit. You can go with a traditional all-white gown that imitates the bridal dress. To make them feel like real princesses, pick a dress with a bouncy skirt with layers upon layers of tulle. Flower girl sashes and belts in the wedding theme shade will add a touch of color. Or do something completely unexpected, like a Frozen Anna or Elsa costume dress.

Flower Wreath

Your flower girl will look like a fairy tale heroine with a flower wreath. Not to mention that these headpieces make an excellent detail in the wedding photos. Mind, though, if your flower girl is very young, chances are she will rip the wreath off her head as soon as it becomes irritating. In this case, ask her parents if a headpiece is a good idea before you settle on the idea.


This is a great alternative to the traditional tossing of petals. The tossing is not as easy a task for a little girl as it might seem, but these easy to hold and pretty-looking flower balls are an excellent wedding décor. Suspend them from a ribbon so they are easier to clutch. Or give your flower girl a bunch of flowers to hand out to the female guests while walking down the aisle.

Details that Make Flower Girls So Adorable


Flower girl basket filled with flower petals is a traditional and expected piece, but a basket filled with lollipops that match the color of your wedding dress, or with heart-shaped ginger biscuits with your and your future husband’s initials written on top will make a nice twist. And a delicious treat.


Kids love balloons! Balloons are a cheap and very effective detail, especially for an outdoor wedding. They can be of any shape or any size, with or without an inscription. Their color can complement the wedding theme, or you can decide to make things more interesting and do a colorful balloon bouquet. Just make sure to tie the balloons to the little one’s hand tightly. You do not want her to cry if the balloons fly away.


Instead of confetti and flower petals, the flower girl can blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle. It will be so much more fun for her than tossing petals.

Details that Make Flower Girls So Adorable

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, the parasol will not only be an effective décor piece, it will protect your flower girl from the sun and the heat, decreasing the chances that she will get restless and weepy in the middle of the ceremony.

Floral Garland

If you have more than one flower girl, they will love the idea of carrying a floral garland between themselves. Plus, that way they will have to keep pace with each other and the whole walking thing will look more synchronized.
Have you got any other unique ideas to share with us?


  1. oh wow…. beautiful ! I am sure my daughter will love the flower wreath

  2. the flower headbands are everything! they are so sweet! but i think you covered all the details from my wedding!

  3. They’re so pretty! Details really do help make them stand out. I think flower girls are so beautiful. If I ever renewed my vows with my husband I would have my two girls be flower girls.

  4. Flower grils are the cutest!! I didn’t have any at my wedding…they would have been too cute in the pictures.

  5. Those flower wreaths are so beautiful! I love the idea because they almost create a vintage look!

  6. Flower girls are the cutest! Those flower are gorgeous on them.

  7. These are fantastic photos. Flowers are always so pretty at weddings. I love the photo with the bubbles.

  8. too cute. We didn’t have a flower girl at our wedding…too many boys in our family.:)

  9. I love all of the creative alternatives to throwing traditional flower petals. I especially liked the blowing bubbles idea as that just seems like it would be super cute.

  10. I never cared before this post but now my goal is to have my daughter be someones flower girl! lol These are such pretty photos and tips!

  11. Flower girl was a cute part of the wedding. I can’t wait to my nieces become a flower girl

  12. Flower girls are truly adorable. They are cute and with the right accessories, they can add beauty to the entourage.

  13. I love flower wreaths on little girls!! I also love the idea of them blowing bubbles down the aisle.

  14. I love the hair wreaths so pretty! And the bubbles are such a cute touch. Great ideas!

  15. In one wedding I attended, the flower girls threw out candies and chocolates for the guests. While these are sweet, I do think that flower petals are still the best. 🙂

  16. I love seeing the little flower girls in weddings. They are so cute and it really is the little things that make them that much cuter. I love the hair pieces and the little dresses.

  17. So cute! I loved having flower girls at my wedding! They really made the day special!! I love the idea of bubbles or bird seed instead of confetti! So much better for environment!

  18. Flowers girls are my favorite part of a wedding. From their little flower headbands to they way they meander down the isle… They’re just so adorable.

  19. There is no more adorable part of a wedding than the flower girl. I could watch flower girls all day. They’re the cutest.

  20. I love the little dresses and the flowers at the flower girls have! It makes the wedding just adorable.

  21. As a family full of boys, we had no little girl to be our flower girl! lol The only friends with a daughter were unable to attend and the next in line was a 14 yr old. And she let us know it was just not ‘cool’ to be a flower girl as a tween ! lol these are adorable tips and I will remember them for future weddings I attend and can lend an opinion or two! ~MS for KM

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