#DIY Valentines Day Labels #valentinesday #gifts – Shabby Chic Boho

#DIY Valentines Day Labels #valentinesday #gifts

#DIY Valentines Day Labels  #valentinesday #gifts

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I was trying to hide my new Brother P-touch Easy Hand-Held Label Maker from the kids but Abby found it. She’s been home from school this week due to illness and while plundering through my “hidden” favorite things, she found it :-|. That girl has been making fun labels for any and everything and especially for Valentines Day. Before this week is up or her strep throat infection, whichever comes first, I’ll be a nervous wreck that she’s going to drop my precious new jewel. I should have bought an extra one.

#DIY Valentines Day Labels

#DIY Valentines Day Labels

Abby has been making labels all morning and every time she spells a word wrong, I make her look the wrong words up and we are learning them. That’s right, not only is this label maker fun to use, it’s helping her learn to spell. I bet the makers of this product didn’t realize it could do that ;). She’s been learning how to make capital and small letters with it and even how to add cute little pictures to the labels. She’s made labels for everyone imaginable and she hasn’t complained once about her throat since finding my label maker. Not all of her labels make sense to me (shhhhh) but they do to her and it’s so encouraging to see her wanting to learn to spell words correctly. It’s the main subject in school she struggles with.

#DIY Valentines Day Labels

#DIY Valentines Day Labels

My Brother P-touch Easy Hand-Held Label Maker is the perfect size for Abby’s little hands and mine. And of course, as you can tell, it’s so easy to use that even the kids can figure it out. The tape can be purchased separately although some is included with your purchase. The tape comes in all sorts of colors and print. The sizes range in width as well and I think it’s safe to say that Abby loves the large width lol.

#DIY Valentines Day Labels

Is there a DIY king or queen on your Valentine’s Day gift list that would love one of these? I’m including some links for easy purchasing on Amazon.

#DIY Valentines Day Labels  #valentinesday #gifts #DIY Valentines Day Labels  #valentinesday #gifts

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  1. Label makers are great to have. I have one and I love it. You can print out so many neat labels. They’re fun to mess around with.

  2. I have to get those hand held label makers! It is going to save me a lot of time (and stress) searching all drawers and storage boxes for something! Awesome that this can print on colored laminated tape!

  3. this is awesome! is this really true? lol. i am really amazed! i wondder where can i get it! i will check it on the mall later!

  4. ! Wow ! Terri , I was holding my breath the whole time I was reading this. My boyfriend is setting up the garage. I want to get this for him. But I was thinking it works so well ; it must be insanely expensive. I am so glad it isn’t . I had no idea the labels could be made in color. I love color !

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