Don’t Sweat It! Nutrexin Aluminum Free Deodorant #momsmeet #NutrexinUSA #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015 – Shabby Chic Boho

Don’t Sweat It! Nutrexin Aluminum Free Deodorant #momsmeet #NutrexinUSA #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015

Don’t Sweat It! Nutrexin Aluminum Free Deodorant #momsmeet #NutrexinUSA #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015

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This post is made possible by Nutrexin.

I have been using several Nutrexin products but I want to focus more on their deodorant today because I think it makes for a really great stocking stuffer for those who prefer fragrance free, preservative free and color free. We all want to live healthier and while deciding what I want to put in my stocking stuffer holiday gift guide category, I had a light bulb moment with Nutrexin deodorant. Mainly because it works so well that it provides 24 hour protection but also because this pH Alkaline Deodorant is Alum-Free. What makes this unusual is that it’s made with a combination of healing plant extracts. It soothes, moisturizes and of course you just can’t beat a roll on deodorant that doesn’t leave me feeling sticky and it truly does provide 24 hour protection.

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant

I mentioned that I’m using several Nutrexin products and I want to share what they are because I believe they would make really unique and smart gifts for Christmas. One of those products is bath salts. After being in the bed 4 years following failed back surgery, I am working on my muscle recovery. These Alkaline Bath Salts helps restore muscle recovery as well as detoxification. When I’m having a really high back pain day, I soak in my Nutrexin balance bath salts and it helps me relax and that in turn helps get my pain level down. It helps that it softens my skin and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after use.

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015

Another product that I’m using is Nutrexin Vital Restore. I think everyone should take an antioxidant and that’s what this product is but even better, it’s a natural antioxidant. These capsules help balance, nourish and relieve. They are easy to swallow capsules, unlike some that gag me when I try to swallow. Don’t you hate those capsules that cling to your tongue instead of going down easily? You won’t have that problem with Nutrexin.

#momsmeet #NutrexinUSA Nutrexin Alum-Free Roll-On Deodorant #stockingstuffers #holidaygiftguide2015

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Please visit Nutrexin and tell me which product you’d most like to try or give as a holiday gift to a loved one and to learn all about Nutrexin.

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  2. Alum Free is supposed to better for you. I will have to look for this product since i haven’t heard of it or seen int sold anywhere.

  3. Aluminum-free deodorant is so much better for you! I have friends that swear by it (although they haven’t completely converted me … yet), but I don’t know if they’ve tried this brand yet.

  4. I am so glad I read this today. I have been looking for a product exactly like this. I have gone through so many deodorants that I have been allergic to and finding one without all of the chemicals has seemed impossible. I will be looking for this when I go to the store! Thanks so much!

  5. This is the first time I’ve heard of this product. I really need to switch deodorants and try this brand. I like that it’s aluminum free.

  6. I never heard about this product. but sounds interesting and all have a natural products. I would love to try the Deodorant because i have an wet under arms.

  7. That antioxident sounds great. I have been thinking about trying one lately, so I think I might try these.

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