Dr Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel just in time for Valentine’s Day

Brought to you by Dr Song and Shabby Chic Boho.

I’ve been broadening my horizons in the beauty department and because I had such good results with my Dr Song 50% Lactic Acid Face Peel, I wanted to try the Dr Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel as well. These products are different and if you are wanting to make your first purchase, I can’t recommend one over the other. I really like them both. So, read both reviews and product descriptions and go from there as to which you’d like to try first. What, you thought I’d be more helpful that that? 🙂

The Dr Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel”improve wrinkles, some types of acne and remove warts on your skin.” If these are the areas you want to target you’ll do well to make this purchase. I don’t have any warts on my skin so I can’t vouch for that but I can vouch for my diminished wrinkles around my eyes {and on my forehead} and I’ve had a noticeable improvement in my acne. I thought by the time I was a “seasoned” adult that I wouldn’t have acne anymore but that was just wishful thinking. I have to work at keeping my skin clear by using great products like the Dr Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel.

Dr Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel

The product is in gel form so it’s thicker than some products I’ve tried in the past. This is not a bad thing, I just wanted to point it out. It’s clear in color so there’s no worry about it staining. Not only have I been using this on my face, I use it on my neck and have just started using it on the back of my hands and tops of my feet. I do have a slight burning sensation when using this product but then again I do with every peel I’ve ever tired. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s just there and again, it’s slight. And beside, this burning sensation tells me that it’s working. Facial peels work to “peel” off a your layer of skin that’s “aged” to give you smoother and less wrinkled skin. Old is not always gold folks.

You can purchase Dr Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel on Amazon. It’s that easy.

I received a product sample for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Thanks so much, I do that too {save everything I want to try on my Amazon wishlist}.

  2. I always have acne I cant seem to get rid of, I will have to try this for that. I saved it to my amazon, i hope this will help it.

  3. i haven’t done a face peel in a while. i probably need to. is dr song a korean product? kind of sounds like it and koreans are obsessed with skincare. 🙂

  4. The word acid on the box is worrisome.. but glad to read that this is a good product.

  5. Whenever I read the words acid and peel I am wary. I’m glad you’ve had such great results though – I’m very tempted now!

  6. I would LOVE to hear your opinion between a professional peel and this product. Price, performance, etc. If you would be willing to do a guest post about it, please let me know.

  7. Great and informative post – I’ve put both on my wish list as I finish up the product I’m using – I do get a monthly professional (deep) peel and in between do my own light peels – and you are right on! Thank you

  8. I’m finally clear from acne for a little while. But if I need something to help with it again, I’ll consider this. I normally don’t like facemasks, but I can see this working pretty well for me.

  9. I’ve always wanted to try a peel but I don’t think I’m ballsy enough 😛
    I never actually knew until just recently that it really peels these big hunks of skin off. I saw one being done though and was shocked!! It takes a while for it to happen though.
    Did this one leave you peeling?

  10. I have never done a chemical peel and I don’t know if I would start by trying one at home but I’m impressed that you would try it.

  11. I have never heard of Dr. Song before. This sounds like a great product to have. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. I am dying to try this. I have heard so many great things about it. I love that staining isn’t a concern because of the color. It is strange that it is thick, but as long as it works great than it is okay for me! Thank you for sharing!

  13. I love doing a chemical peel regularly. It makes your skin look so fabulous. I’m glad the review was positive as I’ll will try it out.

  14. I’ve always wanted to try a face heel but have always been a little scared! This one sounds lovely <3

  15. Never heard of this product before. I gotta check them out. Would love to see a picture on how to apply it. Great review!

  16. I have never used face creams or peels, but I always appreciate these reviews! Someday, I may need to use them, so honesty about products is always great.

  17. Oh wow, you will love this if you haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been using it as often as it allows.

  18. I’ve never heard of this product – I’ll have to try it out sometime. I have been using an AVON peel and it doesn’t seem to work very well. :/

  19. Heard of Dr Song but unfortunately I seem to react to salicylic containing products, my nose area peels so bad its painful to watch so I stay away from any products that contain Salicylic but glad that they work for you.

  20. I’ve heard about this product from a friend and it was all good things! Thanks for sharing, will check it out.

  21. I use it on my hands too!! My hands have always looked so much older than they are and this really helps. I put a ton of lotion on after I use it and some gloves. They are so soft after!! I haven’t thought about using it on my feet. Good idea!!

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