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I decided to downsize and at the time, it seemed like a good idea. I knew it would be a challenge but I really didn’t know just how much of a challenge it would be. My mom downsized about the same time that I did, after the death of papa, and it was a smooth transition for her. She has so much storage space that I’m flat out jealous. I have 0 storage space except for 2 shelves I talked my landlord into putting in my laundry closet. I filled them up immediately and I’m desperate for more storage solutions. I use the space where my washing machine and dryer should be for storing food, because I don’t even have a pantry or above counter cupboards, so, I’m not able to wash my clothes at home. Every day here is a challenge and for the money I’m paying, it’s not an easy pill to swallow.

When I say I have a small bathroom, think tinie tiny. Think matchbox small. It’s that small. I love bath products and I have more than the normal person. I like to swap around shampoo and body wash and even all of my beauty products. It’s been an ongoing ordeal to try to figure out how to store everything because I don’t have room on my floor for shelves. I have one tiny cupboard under my single sink. And I do mean tiny. I have the smallest bathroom sink I’ve ever seen, a commode, a shower/tub combined and that’s it. I don’t have any counter space. Well, only enough to keep a tin of soaps, my electric toothbrush and a q-tip and cotton ball organizer. That’s the whole of my bathroom. I’m used to having two large bathrooms so having just one, without the storage space, has been a headache, until I found a solution of sorts to store everything I didn’t want to throw away when I moved. This is only a temporary solution because I need something that I can see through to determine what is where.

My solution turned out to be an over the door shoe holder. I keep all of my bath and body products, nail polish, beauty supplies, hair supplies and so on in my shoe pouches. It works as well as it can for my small space and once I find something see through, I’ll be even more thrilled with my solution, lol. The only time anyone can see this big black elephant is when they shut the door. But. I. Know. It’s. There.

Eclectic Design

I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to make use of my tall ceilings. I have plenty of wall space and I’m determined to make use of the large area over the shower that’s not in use. I’m thinking about buying crates to put on the wall to store my beach & yoga towels and other things that I can’t fit under my counter. This is the first time I have ever rented a home. I owned my own home 20+ years and while renting does have the pro’s I was looking for (I don’t have to worry about the things that go wrong, and right now there are several that need addressing, so I guess I do have to worry about things that go wrong) it has a lot of cons that I didn’t fully think through. If faced with the choice to move here again, it would not be my first choice. 90% of what I own is currently being stored outside of my residence and I can’t even use it.

Every few months I go through my things that I do have here and give away something for every new thing I purchase but I’m still short on storage space. Everything I give away I end up needing after the fact. I should have let my mom pick out my home. I’m still happy with the area because I can walk to the store, post office and library, when I need to stretch my legs. I’ve just got to work through the lack of storage downfall while I rethink my decisions. What I thought was going to be this grand adventure, now frustrates me to tears on a daily basis.

How to you deal with small bathroom space?

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My name is Terri and I live in an urban area in central Georgia, USA. I'm a mom to three kids, a dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds, and other small aquatic pets. My hobbies include photography, reading, binge-watching movies, crocheting, D.I.Y. projects of every kind, gardening, hiking, glamping, and camping. I love to travel and go sightseeing. My coffee pot is my lifeline.

7 thoughts on “Eclectic Design, Small Bathroom Storage Solution

  1. I love this. using doors and such is a great way to use. My daughter has two closets in her room and we use both doors for storage.

  2. It’s so funny, isn’t it. We always find ourselves needing more storage. I always said I needed another closet in the house. We put in another closet and I hear myself saying I need another closet, LOL

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