ELLE DÉCOR Indoor Outdoor Mat

ELLE DÉCOR Indoor Outdoor Mat

I’ve got spring fever in the worst way. As soon as I got moved into my new apartment in December, I made an evergreen pot of plants so I could have green to look at during the cold months. I bought a cute container to plant them in and boy did they take off. I think it turned out super cute and I purchased some Norfolk trees as well. I’ve got to have some type of color, especially green, year round or I get the winter blues. If I don’t have color, I need patterns. I’ve been jumping the gun some over wanting to give my front porch a makeover.

ELLE DÉCOR Indoor Outdoor Mat

The first thing I wanted for my spring porch is a patterned mat. It will go well with colors and even in the winter where all I have are evergreens. I’ve looked everywhere for one I thought would give my porch and entrance the look I’m going for. I like to start from the bottom and work my way up so I’ve been waiting on finding a rug or mat before shifting to anything else. The reason I wanted a patterned mat is because my porch is fairly small. I think patterns would make it look larger than it is and in return, I’d need less (less is more) flowers and other outdoor decor to give my entrance the look I like. This is my first spring here and I’m ready to make a bold statement with my entrance. After looking everywhere, I selected a beautiful patterned indoor-outdoor mat from ELLE DÉCOR at Home Dynamix.

ELLE DÉCOR Indoor Outdoor Mat

Home Dynamix, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality home goods, has introduced a new line of accent rugs and indoor/outdoor mats in collaboration with international lifestyle brand, ELLE DÉCOR. ELLE Décor is the epitome of high end, high fashion home décor.” My new Brush Strokes 7165-123 mat is from that new line of accent rugs. It’s made with a special ultra-durable Textiline top and is fade and stain resistant as well as skid resistant.

ELLE DÉCOR Indoor Outdoor Mat

Last week, it was hot enough to get a sunburn and this week, the wind is so brutally cold outdoors, I haven’t felt like getting outdoors to start my spring decorating. So for now, my new mat is indoors making its own statement with my decor. What I really love about my mat beside the look is that it’s easy to keep clean. I can wash it off with warm water and a little detergent and it stays new looking all the time. That’s the reason I knew it would be perfect for my front porch where I can spray it down with the water hose when needed. The kids always kick their shoes off in front of the futon where I’ve put the mat while I wait for warm weather, and it takes mere seconds to vacuum the mat to get up their sand from their shoes. I have a feeling I’m going to end up buying another one so I’ll have one indoors and out. I really love the mat and the pattern. Enough so that it makes me want to buy new furniture to surround it with, lol.

ELLE DÉCOR Indoor Outdoor Mat

Please take a minute to head over to Home Dynamix to check out the new collection that pays homage to the Parisian lifestyle and features elements of classic French style with a modern twist. I’m certain you’ll find something you fall in love with in the new stylish collection of accent rugs and mats.

The ELLE DÉCOR collection by Home Dynamix includes:

· Brushstrokes:
The versatile Brush Strokes indoor/outdoor mats are made of an ultra-durable Textiline top, making them weather, water, and UV safe. The fade and stain resistant mats feature beautiful prints that resemble pieces of art, while the textured PVC backing helps to prevent slipping and sliding, making the ELLE DÉCOR Brush Strokes collection ideal for high traffic areas and ideal for any outdoor kitchen, patio, or entryway.

· Lafayette:
The Lafayette Shag Accent Rugs and Mats are designed with the high fashion standards that ELLE DÉCOR is known for. These solid, high pile shags feature shiny yarns that capture light to give a Lafayette rug a special luster and dimension. With the everyday consumer in mind, these indoor shags have a non-skid latex back for safety and are also machine washable for practicality.

· Wilmington:
Add style to any part of your home with the beautifully understated Wilmington scatter mats. Made of a durable, cross-woven polypropylene, these accent rugs are built to last, adding a perfect touch of style to any high foot traffic area. Muted colors blend seamlessly with any taste in décor, while a variety of available sizes is sure to meet your specific need.

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  1. looks a perfect mat on our room and I really love the pattern of it.

  2. I’ve been looking for a new mat for our mud room. These look great!

  3. i love the color pattern. I love how you bring the fun outdoor inspiration in your home.

  4. That is a cute mat – I would love one much much larger. It would look great outside our camper.

  5. I need a little green in the house as well, especially during the winter. I think this is an awesome idea. I love the mat as well.

  6. I just adore that patterned mat! I’ve spent so much time these last couple of months looking for suitable rugs and mats but to no avail! Will have to see if I can get this line where I am.

  7. Oh my gosh! I need this SO bad! I absolutely love the look of it and the fact that it’s an outdoors mat being used indoors, well, that’s just awesome. I bet it will look fantastic used both ways. 🙂

  8. You know, I have often looked for a nice mat. The choices are so dull and boring!! The best you can get is a slogan like welcome etc. I haven’t see a nice pattern before.

  9. Wow. I really like the designs! It’ a plus factor that I can use it indoor or outdoor.

  10. Oh the patter looks so pretty. I gotta have something like this in my house.

  11. This is so pretty! I just love the pattern! I might have to get one of these.

  12. awww this so beautiful and the good part is it is indoor and outdoor?? great

  13. That matt from Elle Decor is GORGEOUS! How bright of you to make an evergreen potted plant display too! I should do that myself! You are so creative, thanks for the ideas!

  14. They have something for everyone.

  15. Oh this is so cute!! I love that it is indoor outdoor, I need something like this for my back patio. Thanks for sharing!!

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