Fall Season Family Favorite Soups & Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Fall Season Family Favorite Soups & Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Nothing brings my family together than a delicious meal prepared by yours truly. During the autumn and fall season, I tend to cook more “hot” meals than I do during the summer months. I like dishes that warm my family inside and out. A lot of times that means “soups on.” If you are looking for the best fall season soup suggestions, read on. Be sure to try my slow cooker potato soup recipe as well.

I have a favorite fall soup recipe that’s not listed but one that should be ;)… It’s quick and easy and is chock full of flavor. It’s my go to recipe for lunch. I love soup in the middle of the day because it warms my innards. I have a feeling it will become a favorite with you too, when you see how easy it is to prepare it and let it cook in your slow cooker.

I use chicken broth instead of water for this recipe. 6 cups will do it. I also use 2 T corn starch and 1 cup of milk. And butter, only real butter will work. 1/2 a stick will add flavor to die for. But don’t. I won’t have anyone to read my posts. Depending on how large your family is, you may want to adjust the amount of all of the ingredients in this recipe. I use 6 to 8 golden potatoes. Golden potatoes just taste better in soup. They cook up creamier and in soup that’s what you want. Try them and you’ll agree. Next I dice my onion. I do this last so I don’t have to smell onion the entire time I’m preparing my soup. If you are using more potatoes than suggested, increase your onions as well. I use one. There are only 2 of us for lunch every day. I chunk all of this in my slow cooker and set on low heat, usually around 10 am. It’s always ready by 12. Potatoes don’t take long to cook and you don’t want to over cook them because they make a great leftover for dinner. Top off with parsley and serve.

Fall Season Family Favorite Soups & Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Fall Season Family Favorite Soups & Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Fall Season Family Favorite Soups & Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Which soup or soups would you most like to try during this fall season? Do you have a favorite soup recipe to share that’s not listed?

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  1. My mom used to make this really great pumpkin soup and I can’t wait to make it myself and hope it comes out almost as good.

  2. I would seriously love to try the creamy spinach soup! It looks delicious and so healthy. Well, all soups are!

  3. I love soup! I always make it on gloomy days! I also love the different varieties of them as well.

  4. Yum creamy spinach soup sounds so good! I love butternut soup this time of year!

  5. My favorite soups are the cream based: baked potato, pumpkin, and butternut squash. Every autumn, I always look forward to pumpkin soup with ginger and or cinnamon!

  6. This is such a good resource for those days when I’m trying to think of which soup I want to make! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yum this sounds just delicious! I want to make soup for dinner here tonight and this looks just great. I know my one picky eater wouldn’t approve but my other kiddos? Would eat this right up!

  8. Potato soup is one of my very favorite soups. And I’m always excited for cooler “soup” weather. Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I use the Steam and Mash Potatoes. Next time, I’ll try your recipe.

  9. This infographic is AMAZING. My boys absolutely LOVE soup and this resource does a great job breaking down the different types of soups I like to make for them depending on the season or meal time. Awesome!

  10. That looks like an amazing soup. We love to do chili in the crock pot in the fall. We have it at least once a week.

  11. I love your recipe. Looks easy and delicious. I love to experiment with different soups. Soups are the best !!

  12. These soups sound amazing! I love using my crockpot! On monday I made a white chicken chil in the crock pot and it was amazing. My favorite is potato soup, but this chili comes in a very close second!

  13. I love soup so much! I just need to get my boys on board.

  14. Oh my goodness, these soups look amazing! I am a totally a soup/stew/pot roast fanatic in the fall and winter! I cannot wait to start making some of these. I made the BEST mushroom soup the other week!

  15. I love hearty soups this time of the year. So full of flavor and great for the cooler weather. Yours looks delicious.

  16. I love a nice, hearty soup in the Fall! This sounds like such a delicious recipe! I like that you used chicken broth instead of water- so much more flavor added!

  17. That seems like a nice simple recipe! I love potatoes, so it only makes sense that I’d love potato soup too! Thanks for sharing!

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