Family Traditions Help End Child Hunger


Hickory Farms Traditions

Thanksgiving is coming up and I’ve been working on my menu including our appetizers. We have family far and wide who will be home for the holidays and I love to plan and host events. Hickory Farms has always been a part of our holiday traditions and they always will be. I don’t remember the first time I bit into my first taste of Hickory Farms (that tells you how long ago it was) but from the time I was a small child, I can remember having Hickory Farms goodies for Thanksgiving and even Christmas. It was a special day when my mom passed down her Hickory Farms cheese ball recipe to me.

This company is a-okay in my book. Besides the fact that Hickory Farms Signature Summer Sausage was rated the #1 Summer Sausage in America (it’s that good folks), they offer free shipping on 5 different products to military APO and FPO addresses. I come from a military family (I’m a military brat) and I currently have several relatives serving in the military. If asked what our loved ones would most like sent for the holidays, they would tell you in a heartbeat to send a Hickory Farms Basket. They miss our Thanksgiving family traditions and in this way, we are able to share a little of our day with them.

Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms has a variety of baskets to send to your loved ones and again, I want to emphasize that they offer shipping to military addresses on 5 different delicious products. Featured here is a Cheddar Flight with Salami basket that I could not wait for Thanksgiving to get into. Cheese, salami, a little wine and some crackers and who could blame me for not waiting?

Hickory Farms

This gift package is enough for a small family sized gathering but feel free to purchase as many as you need for your Thanksgiving needs. Each gift basket contains 7 oz. Dry Salami, 5 oz. Smoked Garlic Cheddar (2), 5 oz. 3 Year Aged Cheddar and 5 oz. Apple Smoked Cheddar with Paprika. The Apple Smoked Cheddar with Paprika is a big favorite in our family and paired with a slice of salami between two crackers it’s heaven on earth.

Family Tradition Helps End Child Hunger

It’s never too late to start your own holiday traditions with Hickory Farms. You still have time to order. The next time you are trying to figure out what to buy for appetizers for Thanksgiving or what to buy for your great uncle who has any and everything you can think of, buy a Hickory Farms gift box. By making your purchase of a Party Planner gift box you can help end child hunger which is the reason I decided to sit down and type this post.

Hickory Farms Basket

Anytime I can help spread the word about companies that help raise money, I feel like I’m helping the causes I believe in and I do believe in this cause that is helping to end child hunger. Right now, I can help by making Party Planner gift box purchases from Hickory Farms and by informing you about a campaign that will be revealed on Tuesday. I hope you will come back then (I’ll remind you) and keep the information moving by sharing the information as well. I’ve provided a Twitter button and all you have to do is click it and it will go to your Twitter page for your followers to see. There are other buttons below the post to share on your other social media sites. None of us want to believe that our children could go hungry but it happens and it’s happening right here in America. No child should be hungry and thinking about children that are, breaks. my. heart.

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Hickory Farms Traditions

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17 thoughts on “Family Traditions Help End Child Hunger

  1. I love to see when big companies give back on any level. And it’s great for Hickory Farms to do this for such an important issue.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that Hickory Farms was doing this. I also was raised on Hickory Farms being a part of our family traditions. I wish I could buy their products all year round like I did when I lived in Ohio. Now if I want to get it I have to order it online, and by the time I get it the mood for it, has passed. They make excellent products that are delicious and reasonably priced.
    This end hunger campaign is a great campaign that they were doing.

  3. That is an excellent gift set. I love the variety of items in the box, I really love sausages and cheese (I think that is one of the most different varieties they have out there). I really love food and know how much child hunger is a very important cause today. I really appreciate you for sharing this, it makes me hungry and think of others.

  4. Both my dad and husband are in banking, so they get lots of stuff around the holidays from customers. We always say that the BEST customers give out cookies, wine, and Hickory Farms summer sausage! It’s been a brand that I grew up with, and knowing that they’re giving back makes me like them even more!

  5. John is obsessed with their summer sausage! I personally love all their cheese. I had no idea they set to military overseas with free shipping that is awesome!

  6. That apple smoked cheese sounds really yummy right now! And it’s nice to know that companies can be so charitable to our military and to families in need. I hope lots of people had merrier holidays because of this campaign.

  7. Reading this post just made me super hungry…,I love when companies give back like this. In fact, I often purposely search out companies that are giving back. I love that they’re both running a campaign to end childhood hunger and offering free shipping to military addresses.

  8. That’s so good that Hickory Farms are helping with child hunger. I have to say that before I had children, it didn’t have such an impact on me, hearing about children starving [that sounds heartless, but I wasn’t]. Yet fast forward four years and I have three boys and I cry nearly every time I see an advertisement on television for helping the poorer countries. It’s just heartbreaking, I can’t imagine it.

  9. I completely agree that it is so hard to think of children being hungry. The fact that Hickory Farms has made this possible is even better and it creates a way for others to help. I do remember Hickory Farms from when I was young, I loved seeing what was in the baskets. 🙂

  10. I could eat meat and cheese from Hickory Farms all day long. They have such a rich flavor when paired with cheese and wine. Yum. It’s great that they were donating to help feed homeless at the time with purchase of that party planner kit!

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