Favorite Childhood Memory

Favorite Childhood Memory

In the eyes of an innocent: We were headed out to sea like the Pirates of the Caribbean, looking for the elusive fountain of youth. Anti-aging products were un-thought of and besides, we would never need them. We would remain forever young. Our pirate ship was magnificent and the envy of all pirates near and far. It had all of the luxuries you would expect to find on a pirate ship such as ours (including featherbeds) and we were ready for high-sea adventures.

Reality check: We rented a house boat for a week that looked like it had seen better days and eased it down into the dirty mucky river while we searched the map for places we hoped would be the best fishing spots available in the vast and muddy river water. Packed deep within our suitcases was a tube of zinc oxide that we would apply to our sunburned faces. We decided where to place our sleeping bags and which bathing suit to wear first. We each had two that were purchased at a thrift store for a quarter each.

Pirate Ship

In the eyes of an innocent: We were dressed to the nines in our pirate shirts, pirate pants, coats and pirate boots. Our shirts were tucked into our pants and our pants were tucked into our boots. Our captain had on his black eye patch, a red bandanna and wore a sword on his side. Our canons were stationed at the windows ready to destroy any vessel that carried the treasures that awaited us.

Reality check: We wore skimpy bikini’s on our young and undeveloped bodies paired with flip flops while we were sprayed with every type of mosquito spray our parents could find prior to our week long fishing adventure. On top of our “attire” mom and dad strapped life jackets that we were not allowed to take off for any reason. The eye patch on dads eye was from a welding accident that required eye surgery. Hence the reason he had a week off. Sticking out of every window were our cane poles that dangled worms which made me want to barf but a necessity if we wanted to catch the fish that would be our true treasure if we wanted to eat a fresh hot meal.

favorite childhood memory that almost happened

In the eyes of an innocent: From dusk to dawn we looked for sunken treasure as well as for any ships carrying food that we would need to continue on our pirating sinful ways. We bathed in the sea and were served the finest steaks by our galley cooks any time we asked for such a fine meal as this.

Reality check:
When we weren’t fishing, we sun bathed on deck, slapping ourselves to try to kill the stinging beasts known as mosquitoes. Once a day we jumped in the water with a bar of Ivory soap (because it floats) to wash the bug spray and sweat stink off of us. We drank bottled water and bruised bananas and apples that we bought on sale prior to our trip. We had sandwiches until our bread ran out. We then moved on to canned beans, hot dogs and Vienna sausages except on the days when fish decided to latch on to our dangling worms and hooks.

Galley cooks

This trip truly is and will always be one of my fondest childhood memories despite the fact that it was nothing like I had imagined it would be. It was a time when my siblings and I were too young to know about life beyond our tender years. All we knew was what we knew and what we knew was enough.

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27 thoughts on “Favorite Childhood Memory”

  1. This is too cute. Memories are everything especially when we grow up and begin to create memories for little ones. My memories of childhood are spending time with my aunt. She loved the blues and she would just blare it and dance. It reminds me to dance…no matter what’s happening to just dance.

  2. What a fun way to frame this post…I love the innocence versus realtity check perspective. It’s amazing how we look back on childhood memories, and view them much differently as adults.

  3. Wo what fun? and memorable trip! I had one similar but ours was at the beach in tents. It rained the whole time and we bathed in the rain… I will never forget it!

  4. What a great post really makes me think back of my memories. I think my memory is just having summer bbqs with the family, so many memories there.

  5. I love your ‘innocent’ perspective and story – it sounds so grand, and I remember having such amazing adventures as a child as well! As for the reality of mosquitoes… I totally hear you on that as well. (They love to devour me!) The vision + reality together makes one of those awesome stories that makes anyone smile, to read it (like me)! Thanks for it!


  6. It’s always nice to think back on memories as a child. I can totally relate the canned beans, hotdogs and vienna sausages. πŸ˜‰

  7. At the end of the day, what you held close in your memory is what mattered more. The company of loved ones, fishing, and having some fun… The rest we tend to sweep under the rug for a while. Beautiful post. πŸ™‚

  8. Rock on! You have a way with writing, and I love it! It is so true to look back on some of the things as kid and remember how “magical” it was, but now that we are older, we know reality. Awesome post sister!

  9. This is a very cool post. I love how you remember things as a kid! I remember too, taking a vacation on a houseboat and the one thing I remember more than anything was a massive spider in the engine of the boat. That thing was as big around as my head! Gahhh!

  10. My niece would love this adventure. My favorite childhood memory was spending time with my Aunt Laura because we get to bake cookies and stay up all night. I love when we reach for those special moment’s, when time’s gets a little trying. Thanks for sharing.

  11. LOL!! It’s hilarious the things we thought, when we look back on them to how they actually were!! Awesome post, and I know everyone was nodding their head agreeing while reading. πŸ™‚

  12. This was such a wonderful post. Got me to thinking about some of my own family trips. Because we lived in Oklahoma and my family was all in Michigan, majority of our vacations were spent driving back and forth. We had some pretty good trips and pretty rotten trips.

  13. This is such a heart-warming post. You totally made me nostalgic. If only there’s such thing like the one on “Going Back to the Future.” πŸ™‚

  14. oh i am so with you, i remember a few trips which we went to and thought would be amazing but we regretted the minute we got there but because we were all there as a family it was somehow fun

  15. As long as you have a good imagination anywhere can be fun. This sounds like it was a great trip you will always remember.

  16. Ahhh childhood memories are great to think about. If anything in adult world gets me all in a bad mood, reflecting back to fabulous times always snaps me out of the bad mood!!

  17. Childhood memories are just pure magic. I have many of the same kinds of magical recollections and I don’t care how real they were, they made me happy.

  18. Best. Post. Ever. I pulled up a show the other day on the television that I remember being so amazing when I was a kid. I got about 10 minutes into it and thought, “How did I ever watch this?!”

  19. I have many fond memories of my childhood. We spent many summers at the beach and I have a lot of good memories from there.

  20. What a nice “experience” you have here. Something special worth remembering. I am always fond of recalling about how my brother and I Played hide and seek with our neighbors, how we climbed on some trees in the neighborhood.. πŸ™‚

  21. Wow I don’t know if I can really think of any. We took 1 trip when I was about 10. To Niagara Falls and our car broke down. I remember us finally getting to a hotel, and being left with my older brother so they could get the car fixed. He was so mean wouldn’t let me swim outside in the warm pool and made me go inside to the freezing one! Lol. Oh memories.

  22. Wow, what an adventure that was. I think my favorite childhood memory is going to Pottawatomie Park with my family. What fun it was. They had a great playground, a carnival, fishing, a fairy boat and dad would take us out in a canoe. Mom would cook & then later play bingo and then at dusk they had a band in a big pavilion. That was our vacation day every year. Dad wanted to retire and buy a home out there, and he never made it. He died of Cancer 22 days after he retired. πŸ™ but I made it for him. I live out here right next to the suburb that has that park. πŸ™‚

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