Feeling Beautiful From Head to Toe #Divatress #beauty #ad

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. #Divatress #beauty #ad

Happy Friday everyone. As I go into the weekend, I’m looking for ways to pamper myself. I have some favorite companies and products and thought you might like them as well.

Taking care of our bodies is so important, I can’t stress it enough. Not only do we need to take care of our bodies on the outside, we need to take care of it on the inside. That’s why I take NOW Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion. Not only does it target my feminine flora balance, it supports vaginal health and reduces occasional bloating. I’m going to the NOW® Immersion Event in July in Bloomingdale, IL and when I return I’m going to have a giveaway that you won’t want to miss. One of you will have the chance to win $750 worth of NOW products so go ahead and sign up for my newsletter so you won’t miss this opportunity. I’ll be posting images and videos throughout the event on my Instagram account and other social media sites. You can follow me here:

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Now that we’ve got our feminine flora covered, let’s focus on the outside, starting with a company that’s new to me but they’ve already impressed me. They offer thousands of wigs and hair care products and one of my favorite products of theirs is the outre half wigs. Talk about a company that has you covered. Literally. And they’re so reasonable too. The outre half wigs runs $13.95 and comes in a variety of different colors. Whether you’re a professional stylist, beautician, working mom, student or whatever you are, this site caters to the diva within.

Feeling Beautiful From Head to Toe #Divatress #beauty #ad

You’ll want to stock up on Alpha Skin Care products! There is something for everyone no matter what your skincare type or needs. I have a daily beauty routine using several of their products that I go through that takes mere minutes to accomplish. As I age, I’ve started noticing my skin is aging with me. It’s not something I really took note of until a couple of years ago. I looked in my mirror one morning, and I saw my mom. I knew it was time to help slow the aging process and after trial and error, I found these products and have been using and recommending them since. Even before their name change.
Feeling Beautiful From Head to Toe #Divatress #beauty #ad

As I strive to live a healthier life, I have started using more and more pure, natural, bath & body products. What I put on my skin is just as important as what I put in my skin. Beessential knows how important it is to use all natural ingredients from lip balm to bath soap. They have a wide range of affordable products and I’m sure you’ll find something you’d like to try. It’s hard to go to their site and not fill up my shopping cart.

Feeling Beautiful From Head to Toe #Divatress #beauty #ad

Keeping up with the trend of buying organic clothes, check out all of your options at PACT clothes. Organic cotton is so much softer than regular cotton. Talk about a pampering experience. It’s the next best thing to being bare. PACT provides everything for men, kids as well as women from unmentionables to fitness wear. Why buy PACT?

Feeling Beautiful From Head to Toe #Divatress #beauty #ad

For more on beauty, check out my 5 magical beauty tips.

What do you do or buy that makes you feel beautiful? I’d love to hear about your beauty routine in the comment section.


  1. The outre half wigs is beautiful and wow that is a great price! I try my best to use products that are good for my sensitive skin along with taking care of my body by drinking enough fluid.

  2. I completely agree that taking care of your whole body is an important part of feeling beautiful. Great tips.

  3. Those Beessentials products sound like the ones for me. I like that they are eco-friendly and fair trade certified. That’s the type of products that I want to support.

  4. I have been using Beessential for a few months now, and just ran out actually. I love how pampered my skin feels, and I don’t feel guilty about using this natural product.

  5. Those are some really great products. Moms need to place more of an emphasis on self care. I just recently had a massage and facial. I will definitely be doing this again. Best pampering I have had in a long time.

  6. These sound like some really great products! It feels good to feel beautiful from head to toe!

  7. I like that PACT caters to me too. Those bee wax products look pretty nice.

  8. Taking care of ourselves is important and it begins with what we put in our bodies. Probiotics are a great way to help your body work. I love this list of items to try.

  9. I love a good probiotic and this one sounds like it is amazing!! I need to check it out!!

  10. it’s important for us all to know that we are always beautiful because it goes deeper than outer appearance! And with that being said, a great way to feel beautiful is to indulge in great quality products such as what you have on this post : ) I always say, buy yourself something pretty every once and a while… it’s great to treat yourself because it helps you appreciate your body, mind and spirit.

  11. Feeling beautiful used to be a struggle until I learned to love the body I’m in. These sound like great products.

  12. When I don’t feel beautiful my attitude is terrible. I also tend to stay in the house a lot more. That is why Iself-care is so important.

  13. Victoria Heckstall

    Those products would be perfect for my sensitive skin and I also prefer organic or less chemical products like these! Glad you shared your amazing suggestion of lists.

  14. Jennifer Van Huss

    These are great products!! Feeling beautiful is important to your overall psychological well being. Straightening my hair makes me feel beautiful!!

  15. I have super sensitive skin, so natural and organic products are an absolute must for me. So many of these items seem beyond awesome! I look forward to checking them out.

  16. These are great suggestions. It really is important to FEEL beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  17. I have been wanting to try Beessential for awhile now! I just need to get some. I am a firm believer in probiotics too but this brand is new to me. Will check it out!

  18. I am totally up for trying some alpha products, they sound amazing and my skin most definitely needs a good pick me up at the moment.

  19. I love these suggestions – I for SURE need a good probiotic. And I love anything natural to use on my skin! thanks!

  20. Wow.. these products sounds nice.

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