Folgers Jingle Contest #FolgersJingle #IC #ad

Folgers Jingle Contest #FolgersJingle #IC #ad

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I have been listening to the Folgers jingle for as long as I can recall. Folgers has been my coffee of choice equally as long. As a young child, I remember hearing the jingle on TV and asking my mom or dad if I could have some Folgers coffee. They’d humor me and make me some with more milk than anything but at the time I thought I was something. And every time I heard “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup” on the TV I’d sing along while drinking my milky coffee.

Folgers Jingle Contest #FolgersJingle #IC #ad

The iconic Folgers jingle is a piece of pop culture with so many generations of kids like me learning the Folgers jingle early on. Because of the rich tradition in American music, Folgers is inviting aspiring musicians to embrace the Folgers jingle tune and make it their own. They’re holding a Folger’s jingle contest and you could be a part of that. They’ve teamed up with country music singer-songwriter Chris Young to encourage aspiring musicians to create their own version of the iconic Best Part of Wakin’ Up™ Jingle in the Folgers Jingle Contest.

Folgers Jingle Contest #FolgersJingle #IC #ad

The rules are simple and easy to understand.

Folgers Jingle Contest #FolgersJingle #IC #ad

For more information check out this video.

If you or anyone you might know would like to participate in the contest (I can’t wait to hear what you come up with) head on over to the Jingle contest page.

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  1. sounds like a very cool and fun contest to join! i have not heard this jingle before. sounds fun and perfect for the contest


  3. Sadly I think I am the only blogger on the planet not fueled by coffee! I do however definitely remember the Folgers Jingle, neat contest!

  4. I love me some Coffee and Folgers is one of my go-to brands. I def need to create a jingle or two. – Yolonda

  5. This sounds like a fun jingle contest! I have never heard of this before, but sounds fun!

  6. Hubby and I are both huge fans of Folgers coffee and I really love their jingle. I’m excited to see who’s going to win this fab contest.

  7. Such a good post! and looks so much fun, I would love to join this. I will tell to my mom about this I bet she love this too

  8. Oh man! I think I’m in… I want to try this out, but I’ll need help with a person to play an instrument… YUP! this sounds like the perfect, fun contest for me! well I love coffee and lodgers so thanks for letting me in on the scoop… I must plan now… muah haha!

  9. What a cool contest! I know the jingle myself! I don’t have much musical talent, but I’ll be telling friends about this!

  10. sounds intresting..i would ;ove to join.. thanx for sharing 🙂

  11. awww, sounds like a fun contest! I would love to join. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is such a recognizable jingle. It is my coffee of choice. This sounds like a super fun contest!

  13. Thanks for sharing. Good thing I love Folgers. Will check this one out.

  14. what a cool contest. sounds like a lot of fun. i love coffee, especially folgers, but i have to be careful because i get addicted easy. hehe

  15. This sounds like fun. I can’t wait to see what people submit.

  16. Folger!?! My husband is a very coffee drinker every morning! I forwarded this post to my husband if he wants to enter this contest. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. This sounds like a fun contest! Well who doesn’t like Folgers, right. I’m a coffee addict and love a good cup of folger. Good luck to those who enter this contest.

  18. That jingle is so iconic! You just knew it was the holidays when you’d see Peter come home for Christmas, getting dropped off by the folks in the VW beetle, and surprising his parents by brewing a cup of Folgers!

    That commercial makes me LOL to this day! (The new ones aren’t near as good as the older ones tho!)

  19. There are some jingles and commercials that are in our heads forever. This jingle is one of them.

  20. Nice contest!
    And Wow I love coffee so much!!!

  21. I remember that jingle since I was little, I loved the way coffee smelled in the mornings when my father would brew it. Brings back great memories

  22. I’m a coffee drinker and Folgers is one of my favorite coffees. I rather drink my coffee at home because I am a picky person and like my coffee to be perfect LOL.

  23. Ohh I ove coffee and folger’s too. Now I am thinking of a creative jingle so I can join the contest1

  24. I can still remember this jingle from when I was a child. I think my favorite commercial was when the kid came home from college and she makes coffee and the family wakes up to the smell of coffee and their child home.

  25. Oh my goodness I remember that jingle IW as always singing it lol

  26. I remember how much I used to love the jingle even way before I started drinking coffee! LOL Wish I had the voice; I’d so enter!

  27. I am more of a tea girl these days but I do love Folger’s! It’s nice that they’re doing a contest like this! I think it’s fun and it’s a good chance for a lot of musicians as well.

  28. This sounds like so much fun. I will have to look into entering.

  29. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I’m not musical; but I love Folger’s jingle too. It will be fun to see which jingle wins this competition.

  30. This is so funny to me because ever since I fell in love with my current favorite coffee, I’ve almost always got that jingle stuck in my head! My favorite is Folgers Gourmet Selections, in the Mocha Swirl flavor. It’s so delicious!

  31. What a neat idea for a contest!

  32. Oh, that is cool, I want to try and see if I can come up with something. I always loved that tuned and sometimes make fun and sing it when I bring coffee to my hubby, lol. Thank you for sharing I had no clue about this awesome contest!

  33. What a fun contest! Seriously sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled to see more of the entries!

  34. We don’t have contests like this one in the CZE but I wish we had, it looks so cool! Maybe I’ll find it somewhere online 🙂

  35. Great contest, sounds like all the aspiring musicians can show their talent 🙂

  36. This sounds like a great contest. I’d love to see all the videos that everyone does. I don’t drink coffee, but this sounds fun.

  37. I remember the Folgers jingle from when I was a kid. This sounds like a great contest!

  38. I remember watching this commercial sitting in my grandmother’s living room. I haven’t always been a huge coffee drinking but Folgers is my go to brand.

  39. What a fun contest!! I can’t wait to see what jingle wins!!

  40. The best part of waking up…..that’s the one I remember from my childhood. My parents always drank it and I still love the smell of it!

  41. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for aspiring musicians to showcase their talent in making music! This is definitely a great idea!

  42. Having grown up with the Folger’s jingle, I can’t imagine a new version. But change and progress is inevitable.

  43. I totally love the Jingles of Folgers, their jingles remembered their brand and it also makes fun and joy.

  44. Cool contest! I really enjoy products jingles because it’s unique and always sounds fun. Many talents will be discovered too.

  45. What a fun contest. You find a lot of new talent with this kind of contest.

  46. Folgers jingle tune is something I have remembered and every time I have heard it I have always song along. The Folgers Jingle Contest is a great idea and I with have to share this with my nephew that is musically inclined. Thanks for sharing the contest.

  47. This was a great idea to find more talents that have to be shared and hear. I love Folgers coffee too.

  48. I definitely want to enter this contest. Sounds like fun plus I love writing songs. Will be interesting!

  49. I bet there will be a lot of creative entries. I wish I was talented like that!

  50. That is so cool!! I love that jingle!!! The coffee is great too!!

  51. Coffee is the only thing that gets me up in the morning so I love the jingle. Great contest – I like mine strong and black, its the only way to drink it!

  52. This sounds like a fantastic contest! I don’t like coffee, but I do love the smell!

  53. I had not heard of this contest before!! What a fun jingle contest from Folgers, so important to have a good cup of coffee to start the day off!

  54. I too still sing this song. I do love Folgers in my cup.

  55. I can;t wait to hear what someone comes up with. I can do several things well … Coming up with a jingle isn’t one of them. Good luck to everyone!

  56. That is so cool! I’ve loved jingles since I was a little girl, so I love that Folger’s is giving regular people a chance to make up a jingle for this. I can’t wait to see who wins!

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