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Follow Your Gut Energy Balance #Ad #CountryLife, #GutConnection, #ItsAllConnected, #GutHealth.

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Follow Your Gut Energy Balance #Ad #CountryLife, #GutConnection, #ItsAllConnected, #GutHealth.

Follow Your Gut Energy Balance #Ad #CountryLife, #GutConnection, #ItsAllConnected, #GutHealth.

If you’re ready to start being good to your gut, and find something to help support a favorable shift in gut microbiota and reduces occasional distress and bloating, you’re in the right place.  I’m so glad you found me because gut health is not just about going, you know, there are many things that good gut health can help with.  An unhealthy gut can affect things like an upset stomach (who has time for that), weight changes, skin irritations and so much more.  When it comes to your gut, you need to aim to improve your gut bacteria.  There are many ways you can improve “good” gut bacteria such as eating more fruits and vegetables, and other high-fiber, plant-based foods combined with taking Gut Connection by Country Life.

Follow Your Gut Energy Balance #Ad #CountryLife, #GutConnection, #ItsAllConnected, #GutHealth.

I started using Gut Connection by Country Life about 2 weeks ago along with eating more fruits and vegetables.  I’ve even started drinking more water after a recent blood test to check my levels of electrolytes and to see how well my kidneys were working.  I also had a few gut issues at the time.  And that is why when I read about Gut Connection by Country Life, I was interested enough to try it for myself.  After using the products, I’ve decided that I’m going to keep using them.  I feel so much better, emotionally (happy, happy, joy, joy) and physically (from the inside out).  I didn’t realize just how much my declining gut health (such as bloating, digestive discomfort, and irregular bowel movements) could affect my life.

Follow Your Gut Energy Balance #Ad #CountryLife, #GutConnection, #ItsAllConnected, #GutHealth.

I’m currently taking  Gut Connection Energy Balance and I have two more products I plan to take but I want to try them one at a time.  If you want to check them out and find one that’s right for you, head on over to Country Life Vitamins and see what I chose this company to take care of my gut health.

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Follow Your Gut Energy Balance #Ad #CountryLife, #GutConnection, #ItsAllConnected, #GutHealth.


  1. Laura Schwormstedt

    The gut is connected to everything in the body and looking after it is key! I get heart palpatations and since changing my diet and looking after my gut I am now getting less of them

    Laura x

  2. We don’t have the habit of taking supplements here in Western Europe, we usually try to have a healthy gut by consuming lots of yoghurt, vegetables and fruits.

  3. Oh I would love to try this. I need to get myself check and be more careful of my health.

  4. Healthy gut is a healthy body, healthy mind and a happy day. These products will go a long way to start your day on a positive note and feel great in your gut. This is not just a gut feeling 🙂 but a fact.

  5. Gut health is just so important and it all depends on our activities and diet! I think supplements are also a good way of getting healthier every day.

  6. Taking care of your gut really does matter. The name of this is memorable. I might try it.

  7. I think we tend to underestimate the importance of gut health. I think eating healthy helps but adding a prebiotic can help even more.

  8. It;s great when you can find a product that genuinely makes you feel better, both mentally and physically. This sounds great.

  9. Heather @ US Japan Fam

    I have my kids on probiotics but I think it’s about time for me to get on the bandwagon. Thanks for the inspiration, this sounds like a great one to try!

  10. We’ve been focusing more on our gut health within our family recently. I am going to have to check out this product!

  11. I think to promote a healthy gut, is the consumption of fresh fruits because they’re rich in fiber. Fiber helps to wash away toxins in our intestinal linings

  12. lol…my bestie and I were just discussing this topic. The brown emoji says so much about your health…it’s so important to eat with your stomach flora in mind and to suplement with really good products.

  13. This sounds like a great product for gut health. Great find!!!

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