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For a healthy lifestyle in Japan with

For a healthy lifestyle in Japan with

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Japan is such a wonderful place with its beautiful architecture both traditional and modern, its delicious food and its famous hospitality. There are so many reasons to visit this country, but because of the language barrier, it is not always easy to get around.

As many of us are looking for health and wellness options at home and when we travel, here is some info on a great site to find everything from healthy restaurants and spas to English-speaking doctors. has uncovered the hidden gems in Japan for a healthy stay and put them all together for expats and travellers.

Registration is free and gives you access to a network of the best English-speaking health and wellness providers in Japan. The network is presented in three categories: 1) Medical Partners who are English-speaking doctors and dentists; 2) Wellness Coaches who are English-speaking personal trainers and life-style coaches, and 3) Healthy Partners which is a wider category including organic shops, healthy restaurants, gyms, spas, beauty salons,  therapeutic massage salons and hot springs among others.

The site is really easy to navigate. For each partner you will find beautiful photos and detailed information.  HealthyTokyo also offers a blog (Healthy & Wellness Stories in Japan) that keeps you informed about the Japanese healthcare system, the latest news and trends and other stories related to maintaining your healthy lifestyle in Japan.

A premium membership plan is also available with added benefits. Premium members have access to the live Healthy Concierge. The concierge helps you find the places you need whether inside or outside the partner network, and will make appointments for you. Premium members also benefit from promotional offers with the partners, including discounts and free trials.

Traveling can create anxiety as you break your routine and explore new places.  While enjoying the experience it is important to remain healthy through exercise, good eating and relaxation. is your guide to the best health and wellness providers in Japan.

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  1. I would love to visit Japan one day. The food, the culture, the land. This site sounds like a great way to prepare people for their trip and also while they are in Japan.

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