Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

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Eating good in the neighborhood.  That actually sounds like a commercial but it is in fact how I choose to feed my family.   Until a few years ago, we always had a vegetable garden big enough to feed the family and then some.  As I’m getting older, the thrill of gardening is vanishing.  I can think of a dozen other ways which I’d rather spend my time, then hunched over a garden, pulling weeds in 100-degree weather.  And our Georgia gnats are the most annoying pests all summer long.

I still like to get my hands dirty though but on a smaller scale. I always plant a few vegetables and herbs in container gardens but it’s more of a hobby than a source of food.  Thankfully for me, Florida farmers make it easy for everyone to eat fresh produce year-round. There is always something in season at many of our local grocery stores.  The Fresh Market has the largest display in my area and when I walk in the door, I head to the produce section to see what is in season. Another place I can find Florida fresh veggies is at my local Dollar General.  Even though I’m not growing the foods myself, I’m still giving my family the freshest foods available and I feel good about that.

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

As an experienced gardener, I can’t be fooled when it comes to fresh. That’s one of the main reasons I buy Fresh From Florida produce. When they say fresh, they mean fresh. The next time you’re shopping at your favorite Fresh From Florida distributor, check out their bell peppers (they’re perfect for making stuffed peppers), strawberries, tomatoes (which makes the best tomato relish), mushrooms, radish, snap beans and cabbage. Not only is it satisfying to eat fresh in-season vegetables but it’s also healthy because of the higher nutrition value. Not only is health important to me but I really love knowing I’m helping to support local farmers by buying Fresh From Florida.

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

Take Fresh From Florida radishes for example. They taste like they were just pulled from the garden. I have always enjoyed root vegetables but especially radishes. I could sit and eat a whole bag of them, and I have, many times, lol. It would be putting it mildly to say that I buy a lot of radishes. I buy boatloads of them. I use them in so many foods not just in my salads. I even make a delicious radish soup which I will share in the near future. If you’d like to go ahead and buy some to try my recipe, don’t forget to look for the Fresh From Florida brand.

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

As a child, I grew up on a strawberry farm in Pennsylvania. We grew them specifically for fresh-market sales. When they were in season, my siblings and I would beg our mom to take us to the strawberry patch where we’d fill up on fresh strawberries until we couldn’t eat anymore. We’d dash to the garden with whatever strawberries we were able to stop ourselves from devouring and pick rhubarb so mom would make fresh strawberry rhubarb pies. Those were the day. You can’t beat fresh strawberries, you just can’t. I get that same just picked freshness with Fresh From Florida strawberries.

Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

The next time you’re out shopping, be sure to follow the fresh. If you’ve tried Fresh From Florida vegetables, which one did you buy, or which ones?

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31 thoughts on “Fresh From Florida grown locally #FollowTheFresh #IC #ad

  1. The produce looks so fresh and natural. Nothing like fresh from the farm veggies for good health. Fresh From Florida seems to promise the taste of goodness and health.

  2. I think it is great that there is so much fresh produce available locally! I try to buy local when I can. I feel like not only is it helping the local economy I get better quality food because it has not been shipped all over the place for a few days.

  3. Fresh produce as always been a friend ever since I started eating and living healthy. I think these are awesome and I’d love to get my veggies from Fresh from Florida!!!

  4. I love the fresh fruits of Florida.unfortunately I live in Canada and our grow season has been shady at beatbox the past few years. When I don’t buy local, I buy florida

  5. It’s so nice to have a good source of fresh produce! I think Florida Fresh is an awesome brand that’s worth supporting. A recipe tastes so much better when you use fresh produce and I can’t wait to buy from them!

  6. Where I live I wish I could grow a garden like this. I assume Florida is probably one of the best places to grow stuff because of how the weather is. Plants just flourish in that Florida weather.

  7. We always purchase the freshest and best tasting fruits and vegetables this time of year. Gets us through until our garden comes on and we harvest from it.

  8. Who wouldn’t want fresh produce! I think it’s awesome that there’s a brand that we can trust. This is definitely a brand that I’d support!

  9. So, so, so delicious! These vegetables are so colorful and fresh. I love shopping local because flavors and freshness is so different at our local market compared to our big box retailers.

  10. I love tomatoes and strawberries. They look so fresh and yummy. I wish our weather here up north is the same as Florida. I would love to grow my own.

  11. I love tomatoes and fresh tomatoes are the best. I haven’t noticed fresh product in our Dollar General but may have missed it since I wasn’t specififally looking for it, will have to take a look again.

  12. Local produce is the best. I always buy local when I can. I am looking forward to the summer when we get fresh produce here in New England.

  13. We live in a rural community and our local store often has produce that is grown by local farmers. It tastes so much better than the stuff that is imported from who knows where.

  14. All that produce looks so good. Florida produce is great because they have the perfect weather for very fresh, very tasty veggies and fruit.

  15. If I’m not digging through the bags of garden veggies that my neighbors bring me, I’m shopping for produce from Florida. We live in Georgia, so Florida produce is always nice and fresh.

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