Game On

Game On

Between the kids sports activities, life can get a little stinky. Especially during the summer when it’s so hot and humid out, that just walking to the mailbox produces a sweat. Thanks to Get Your Game Face On Wipes, I no longer have to hold my nose after picking the kids up from practice. Who knew teenagers could be so smelly.

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The wipes run $7.99 or you can get a monthly twin pack for $10.00. You’ll get a generous 25 pack and they’re so strong, you’ll only need 1 wipe. I’m going with the twin pack option myself. They smell like the ocean to me, a wonderful coconut scent which instantly removes sweaty smells and they don’t leave a sticky feeling behind. I’ve been using the cleansing wipes and they work so well that I don’t see a need to switch to the warrior or deodorizing wipes.

Head on over to Game Face Grooming to find your perfect wipe.

Game On

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  1. I think wipes and face washing are both necessary. There’s nothing like washing the face with soap.

  2. Game Face Grooming I have never heard of before so I will have to check them out for sure. The Get Your Game Face On Wipes sound amazing and I will have to share this information with my sister along with my niece too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. I think this is a great idea for guys that don’t regularly wash their face. Wipes are so convenient!

  4. This is actually a great idea! I be the Game on Gamefacegroom. com has some awesome options for my son.

  5. Wet wipes are like heaven sent. I always make sure i have it in my bags especially during trips.

  6. These wipes sound perfect after a workout. I wish they had these back when I played sports, it would have been soo nice!

  7. I use at least 2-3 face wipes a day as India is a very hot country. I love the fact that it has a lovely coconut smell.

  8. I love using facial wipes. They make it so easy to remove makeup at the end of the day. These look like a great brand to try!

  9. I usually just get my face wipes from Target, but these ones sound amazing because they’re coconut scented! That’s my favorite scent!!

  10. Face wipes always come in handy. Will check out this brand! 🙂

  11. Aw bless them, hope the wipes are working! They sound like a great idea and perfect for throwing in a gym bag.

  12. Who need teenagers could be so smelly – ME. My brother was a jock and the smell would follow him through the house on his way to the shower. He’d would have needed the whole package – LOL

  13. I find some face wipes dry my skin out or leave it feeling weird so these sound like they’d be great! Will have to give them a try

  14. These are neat! My husband would love these. Thanks for the heads up!

  15. My kiddos are young still, but both get stinky after playing outside at the park. Get Your Game Face On Wipes sound great for quick cleanups between bathings!

  16. Oh now these sound like the perfect thing to have close by, I do love a good face wipes and I love the sound of them having a coconut scent.

  17. The coconut scent sounds so awesome. These would be great for traveling.

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