Game On

Game On

Between the kids sports activities, life can get a little stinky. Especially during the summer when it’s so hot and humid out, that just walking to the mailbox produces a sweat. Thanks to Get Your Game Face On Wipes, I no longer have to hold my nose after picking the kids up from practice. Who knew teenagers could be so smelly.

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The wipes run $7.99 or you can get a monthly twin pack for $10.00. You’ll get a generous 25 pack and they’re so strong, you’ll only need 1 wipe. I’m going with the twin pack option myself. They smell like the ocean to me, a wonderful coconut scent which instantly removes sweaty smells and they don’t leave a sticky feeling behind. I’ve been using the cleansing wipes and they work so well that I don’t see a need to switch to the warrior or deodorizing wipes.

Head on over to Game Face Grooming to find your perfect wipe.

Game On

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  1. Game Face Grooming I have never heard of before so I will have to check them out for sure. The Get Your Game Face On Wipes sound amazing and I will have to share this information with my sister along with my niece too. Thanks for sharing the information.

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