DIY Frosty Snowman Hot Cocoa

DIY Frosty Snowman Hot Cocoa

We’ve had the absolute worst weather this season. It’s been cold, dreary and we’ve had more rain lately than we’ve had all year. School is out for the holidays and it’s no fun being stuck indoors when you’re a child. Shoot, it’s not fun to be stuck indoors when you’re an adult either. Unless of course, you’re prepared with fun toys and games to keep the kids entertained. And I am. Prepared that is. I’ve got 3 new toys and games to keep the kids entertained on these dreary days. The kids and I agree that even though the weather has been dreadful, we’ve had one of the best winters so far and it’s all thanks to #Staples.

My game picks graciously supplied by Staples:

Monopoly Empire

Lite Brite

Boogie Board play and trace ewriter red

Abby has become the Monopoly queen. She beats me every time we play. Between her and Alyssa, it’s usually evened out with one winning one time, the other the next. It’s not about winning, though, it’s about spending time together in a fun way. We played this game all weekend and had so much fun, that time flew by.

I haven’t played with the Lite Brite personally but I love seeing what the girls design with it. I used to have one of these as a child and I knew that the kids would love one as well.

The Boogie Board play and trace ewriter is new to me. I’ve never seen one before and it’s one of the most creative and unique ways to get the kids to play. They traced each other and everything else and we had belly laughs for days over the things they’d create. Their favorite things to trace were each other and themselves.

DIY Frosty Snowman Hot Cocoa

If you’re looking for gifts for kids for Christmas, head on over to Staples for some great deals and savings. If you’re looking for a store locator, use my link to find a Staples in your area. Be sure to stock up on office supplies, office furniture, and Staples Brand paper towels as well as hand sanitizer while you’re there.

If you think these games look fun, you should see what winter time Staples Games Kathy’s playing over on Reviews By Kathy.

How about a fun game night DIY Frosty the Snowman for your hot cocoa?

DIY Frosty Snowman Hot Cocoa


I’ve been making tons of hot cocoa to keep us warm and it adds to the fun of playing the games. If you’d like to create my floating snowmen for your own game night hot cocoa, it’s easy peasy.

You’ll need marshmallows, stick pretzels (2 to 3 depending on how long you want to make the arms and legs), orange tic tac’s, black decorating gel and of course hot cocoa.

I use 1 stick pretzel for the body. I slide 2 marshmallows on it and at the top, I turn the 3rd marshmallow around for the snowman head. I use 1 or 2 stick pretzels for the arms and the legs, it depends on how long you want them (the smaller they are, the easier it is to sip the cocoa). Break 1 pretzel into 4 pieces or use 2 and break them in half. Add an orange tic tac for the nose and top it off with black decorating gel for the eyes and the buttons. You could make a mouth as well although mine never turn out right so I skip this step.

DIY Frosty Snowman Hot Cocoa

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24 thoughts on “DIY Frosty Snowman Hot Cocoa

  1. That was a fun hot cocoa! I think my daughter would love that!!! I didn’t know Staples sell board games too. Oh my.. I guess I missed checking the other aisles but thanks for the FYI!

  2. I LOVE these snowmen! How freaking cute!!! We have about 8 inches of snow here today, so I’ll have to make these for some hot chocolate! Adorable!

  3. Monopoly is one of my favorite games EVER! I totally love it. Oh man, those marshmallow snowmen are the cutest thing that I have EVER seen!

  4. I love games! My daughters always want to play them, which I love. That snowman hot cocoa looks great too! How cute!

  5. I always wanted a light bright growing up. It is something that I didn’t get for my kids either so that I could play with it too. Maybe, I can grab one for my youngest son. I love games or toys that spark creativity.

    The hot chocolate with the snowmen are adorable. My boys would love it. I will have to get some marshmallows and pretzel sticks next time I am in walmart.

  6. I love the snowman coco topper. I will have to get Monopoly Empire. It will be fun to play during the Holidays.

  7. Boogie Board play and trace ewriter I have never heard of before but will have to try it. I love the Frosty the Snowman marshmallows for the hot chocolate is a really cute idea for game night. Thanks for sharing the games and the Frosty marshmallows.

  8. Ah, that is the cutest little snowman! My kids are finally old enough that we are really getting into playing games with them. It is so much fun!

  9. That is cute! I would love to make this for my kiddo! I know it would be fun to do this with them! We love playing games too and I am buying a few for christmas for him.

  10. I enjoy playing games as much as the kids. We’ve had a blast with these games. I just moved and couldn’t wait to unpack them to start playing. I’m not craving hot chocolate either ;).

  11. I love that Staples has toys. I have no idea. Kids get everything. I would consider giving a Big Kid a toy. We all live a stressful life & sometimes it gets more stressful around the holidays. So let’s go to Staples & get a game.
    I am not craving Hot Chocolate.

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