Geckotech Reusable Hooks, Packaging Tape and

I have some really useful new products from to share with you today; Geckotech reusable hooks and packaging tape. I’m always impressed with the office supplies and products I receive from Shoplet. I’ve been having a lot of fun finding places to use my Geckotech reusable hooks. It doesn’t take much to amuse me ;).

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  • Reusable Hook
  • I received a 3 lb reusable hook and a Geckotech 5 lb reusable hook. I have been using my 3 lb hook on my stove hood to keep all of my potholders in one area. I didn’t have anywhere to hang them and now I can keep them together without having to put holes in the wall for a hook. My 5 lb hook is being used for bookbags. These reusable hooks are so easy to use. You just put them where you want them and get the little air bubbles out of the back. That’s all it takes to have a little organization without causing damage to the walls. Since they hooks are removable, I can use them where needed. I wanted to show how sturdy the hooks are so I used one to hold a heavy wood hanger and some of my vintage linens.

    Geckotech Shoplet

    Geckotech Shoplet

    Geckotech Shoplet

    Geckotech Shoplet

  • Packaging Tape
  • I use packaging tape for a lot of things. The most obvious use is for packages. When I mail goodies to my family, I feel safe that none of my products are going to get through my packaging tape in transit. I don’t know what it is about UPS and FEDEX here in Georgia, but my packages arrive in terrible shape. When good packaging tape isn’t used, there is a chance that something is going to fall out and not reach it’s destination. The packaging tape comes with a dispenser making using it easy and fast.

    Geckotech Reusable Hooks, Packaging Tape and

    If you are looking for office stationary or promotional products, look no further than Shoplet.

    What are your most used office supplies? How handy would the reusable hooks and packaging tape be in your office or home?

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    22 thoughts on “Geckotech Reusable Hooks, Packaging Tape and

    1. Ahhhhh this was such a cleaver idea!!!! I love reuing anything when possible! Thanks for the idea 🙂

    2. I think they are great for hanging items that weigh 3Ibs or less; that’s not bad at all as I can see this in my closets too. I like that it offers a clean way to get the hooks in place.

    3. I’m looking for something just like those hooks to hang up my dogs’ leashes. I’m wondering … how deep is the hook? My leashes are the retractable kind, so the handles are pretty thick.

    4. Shoplet sounds like a great place to find everything I need. I really need some of those hooks.

    5. These are handy. Now if I could just get my kid to remember to use them and hang his stuff up instead of just throwing it on the floor, my house wouldn’t look like a tornado just hit it.

    6. Those hooks are super useful for renters like us, especially if we don’t want to drill holes into the walls. They’re SO handy and luckily fairly easy to remove.

    7. I’ve never heard of these before, but they look great! We use reusable hooks all the time, especially around the holidays, and having clear ones like these would be so much more attractive. Thank you so much for sharing these, I can’t wait to try them!

    8. Reusable hooks are a must have in my house – I can always find something I need hooked up! Just yesterday my husband was planning more things that needed to be off the floor!

    9. I could literally think of a million uses for those reusable hooks. I hang stuff to make the most of my space as much as possible.

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