Genius Under-the-bed Organization Ideas

Genius Under-the-bed Organization Ideas

Reaching over for a box under your bed while you are on all fours, or even worse – laying face-down, is no fun. Storing belongings under your bed is not the greatest of strategies either. But us people are constantly looking for ways to maximize storage space in our homes and under-the-bed space is oftentimes our last resort. In order to improve the arrangement of your stuff, we suggest you take a look at a few amazing organizational ideas and tips we have assembled for you. Let’s get to it.

1) Remove

Take out all the stuff that sits under your bed, from old photo albums to shoes, sets of sheets, out-of-season clothes, and even documents. Take out everything. You need to take an inventory of all your stuff and determine which things are due to be trashed and which things do not belong there in the first place. Get rid of old, broken, or damaged stuff, sort through your clothes, and dispose of the items you don’t wear.

2) Clean

Now, before you put everything back, give the area a good clean. Don’t skip over this step if you want to keep moths at bay and also ensure your belongings smell fresh. Vacuum the space under your bed and spray with an all-purpose cleaner, then wipe away all remaining dust or grime using a microfiber cloth. It might be better to move the bed away while you do this. If it’s too heavy, you’ll have to just work on all fours. Let it dry.

3) Organize

There are a few benefits of under-the-bed storage. One is that your stuff is out of sight and it doesn’t really matter how it looks as long as it is organized. Another benefit is that you can use a variety of storage bins and you don’t even have to match them because, well, no one can see them anyway.

Rolling bins are your best bet. They can be easily taken out of the bed and put back where they belong in the blink of an eye. They are easy to move around even if they hold bulky and heavy items. If you can get your hands on some rolling bins, that will be great.

Go for see-through bins. If you can see what’s inside your containers, that’s would be great. That way you don’t have to rummage through your bins to find that item you are looking for. There is an astonishing supply of transparent plastic bins at stores that cost next to nothing. If you have to shop for containers, just hit the dollar store and you’re good.

Put the items you use more frequently close to the perimeter. There surely are things that you use on a weekly basis. You don’t want to lay face-down to reach them. Keep out-of-season clothes and other stuff that you rarely use at the back of the space or more toward the center.

If the space is larger, keep the things you use on a regular basis in one corner and the rest in another corner. Remember, always arrange your stuff in a way you can access it without having to bend over too much.

If you like to keep out-of-season clothes under the bed, you can go for big suitcases or large plastic bins.

Also, it’s best to place a few scented soaps in the containers so that your belongings smell fresh.

Last but not least, don’t ever use presentable or pretty bins to hold items under your bed. Beautiful storage containers should be kept out on display. That’s what they were meant for. As long as under-the-bed space is concerned, you want to use the cheapest containers you can find. And the best thing is, the colors don’t need to match at all.

And that’s how you can keep your under-the-bed space organized and neat. Roll up your sleeves and start reorganizing.


  1. I’ve never thought about moths getting into our stored stuff. . .I wonder if that is not a problem where I live? Anyways, I appreciate your tips! Mismatched containers are plentiful here, so it’s a nice reminder that they will not be visible under the bed!!

  2. Two of my children have large drawers under their beds that make great storage space. And I agree with you that those decorative storage bins should be kept out on display and not under the bed…. clear plastic bins work great and is what I should get for my one son who doesn’t have the drawers under his bed.

  3. With a four bedroom house, each with at least one bed, we have a lot of unused spaced! I’ll definitely need to share this post with my husband and see if I can get him motivated to fix that 😉 Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips! 🙂

  4. Our bed is pretty low, so even if I would want to have something like that in the picture, it would not be feasible. For extra storage space, I use clear plastic container boxes which I stack one on top of the other. In them I keep linens, towels, and other off-season clothes. Clear boxes work best for my male dominant household. The boys do not need to ransack the closet just to look for stuff they need.

  5. Our bed is pretty low, so there is no way we can store stuff under our bed. I do have a set of clear plastic boxes stacked one on top of the other to keep linens, bath towels and other stuff that are not commonly used everyday. I chose clear plastic so I can easily see what is in there. I also have another of those large clear plastic boxes at the foot of our bed because my husband has spinal stenosis making it difficult for him to move around. I keep his every day clothes in there.

  6. Under our bed is pretty organized since our move. Our cat likes to hide under there so we can’t keep much under there or he’ll rip it up

  7. Before I tackle under the bed I need to tackle a new bed lol I have had mine for over 8 years it’s time for something new asap. When I was little my mom use to put a container of sheets and stuff under the bed so when we washed I knew where to find the sheets to change things up

  8. My son has something like this for under his bed and he tends to forget when he puts something in there! ☺ Boys! But, this would be perfect for my bedroom. I think these would be great for seasonal clothing.

  9. I’ve started using the space under my bed but with high ceilings, I could go up since I don’t have room to go out.

  10. Lol I can only wish my dog would hide under the bed. He sits with me at my desk during the day while I work and sleeps under the covers at my feet while I sleep. And I have super ticklish feet.

  11. I live in a studio (small) apartment so I’m always looking for ways to keep it organized. I think my guest blogger has turned me in the right direction for under the bed storage.

  12. I think using clear bins is a great idea. I use labels a lot, especially chalkboard labels so I can use the again.

  13. I love all your tips! I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to organization so I use clear bins to be placed under the bed. However, I tend to look at the contents every quarter to see anything I can donate…LOL!

  14. Oooh, I have an obsession for being net and this post of yours is tickling me pink! Haha! These are really good ideas so you’ve given me enough of a visualization of what I’ll be doing for our bedroom. Thanks for this awesome post!

  15. Gosh I don’t use the space under my bed AT ALL. I definitely need to capitilize on that prime sotrange space, particularly because I don’t have much storage space in general in my two bedroom town house. Such a good post. Thank you.

  16. I so need this in my life! I am super unorganized and it is my goal in 2016 to live a life that is of order! This handy dandy under the bed compartment would surely help me in reaching my goal! However, my dog loves to hide under the bed…so he would be extremely sad. lol.

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