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Georgia is such a pretty state to me. I decided long ago to call it my home. I settled in Georgia as a teen and have been here every since. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except perhaps Hawaii. 🙂 My favorite travel destination is Savannah followed by Jekyll and St. Simmons Islands and following up with Atlanta. There is always something going on in these areas no matter the season. You can find something for everyone to do and enjoy in Georgia.

In Savannah, Georgia you will find comfort and historical style in the historic district. One of the things I love about Savannah is the trees filled with Spanish moss. We don’t have that around here and when I get to Savannah I love to take photos of the moss hanging in the trees. Savannah is also known for its architecture and historic structures. The private homes and public buildings are absolutely gorgeous. If you love lighthouses be sure to visit the lighthouses near Savannah. The temperature averages 60 degrees in winter and I for one could spend days viewing all of the buildings and parks. From December 1-3, 2014 you can view the beautiful art shows featuring Barbara Davis. For the nature lover, be sure to walk the 2-mile Native Animal Nature Trail in Oakland. Before you leave Savannah, be sure to spend the day on River Street where you’ll find restaurants and taverns galore. You’ll definitely want to stay to enjoy the nightlife on River Street as well.

If you would rather vacation near the ocean, book a room in Jekyll or St. Simmons Islands. You can ride a horse and buggy through town or ride horseback on the beach. You can go fishing or sailing and enjoy the nightlife. I climbed to the top of the Tybee Island light station and museum and the view was spectacular. I don’t think I would do it again as I’m terrified of heights, but it was definitely worth doing once.


There is also much to do in Atlanta Georgia from dinning in the revolving Sun Dial Restaurant {the view is amazing}…

…to visiting the Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium where you can meet a dolphin face to face in the new Dolphin Encounter Program. I’ve always recommended eating at Dante’s Down the Hatch and was heartbroken with they closed their doors. It was such a fun place to eat the best fondue and watch the live gators in the moat. They will be missed by everyone who came to love the restaurant as I did. But, there is still much to see and do in Atlanta. I try to go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden as often as possible and it’s worth the visit while you are vacationing in Atlanta. You can purchase your Holiday Lights garden light show at Atlanta Botanical Garden online. You won’t want to miss this event. Click on the link to see what else is going on at this time.

Zoo Atlanta

Atlanta Aquarium

More Georgia travel recommendations coming soon.


  1. Georgia seems like a nice place to visit. I do hope I get to visit it someday.

  2. I love your photography, looks professionally, I want to go there in savannah. Beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

  3. Looks such a good place and love the pictures.

  4. I would so love to visit Savannah GA. indeed. Your pictures are amazing and the scenery is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such beautiful pictures, I have been to Georgia a couple of times myself!

  6. Gosh this totally makes me want to do a travel in Georgia – too wonderful!

  7. I have always wanted to go to SAvannah! It seems so charming.

  8. I have been to Atlanta and loved it. I have not been to Savannah but my husband says he’s been and loved it, and that we def. need to go!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I really love the jellyfish picture and the pool. Divine

  10. I’d love to travel to Georgia again someday. I was a child the last time I visited there. By the way, that first picture is breathtaking and gorgeous! 🙂

  11. I have never been to Georgia but your photos and suggestions make me want to visit soon.
    So many things to do and see, love it.

  12. I cannot tell you how much I would love to go to Georgia. It looks so lovely and I really need to go one day. Thanks for the great, great review!

  13. Oh how I miss the smell of the salt water from the Atlantic shore…I will be watching for this place when we plan our trip to Georgia! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos too 😀

  14. I have been to Savannah once and I just loved it. I have always wanted to go back for a long weekend getaway.

  15. Wow, there sure is a lot to do in Savannah GA. Very beautiful as well. This would be a great vacation! Thanks for the information.

  16. I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah. So gorgeous. Would love to ride a horse on the beach.

  17. Wow!!! Lots of options!!! I’ve been to Savannah and Atlanta and both places are totally cities I would go to again!!! Love Georgia ❤

  18. Sounds like a really interesting and awesome place to visit and to stay for a permanent home. The next time I’m on a trip to US, I’ll make sure that one of my friends or relatives will take me to Georgia.

  19. I’m loving the view looking down at that white building and the beautiful water! I’ve never made it out to Georgia before! 🙂

  20. I’ve only been to Atlanta, but would love to visit other part of Georgia. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    There is a TON of stuff to do there. Now I want to plan a trip!

  22. My mother visited Savannah a few years ago and still talks about it, now I know why. Such beauty and history, now I want to visit! Thanks for this post!

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