Germ Free Me with @Purell #shopletreviews

Germ Free Me with @Purell #shopletreviews

I received the sample products that are mentioned in my post for review purposes only.

Last winter was the worst fall/winter I’ve ever lived through. I. Was. Sick. I started out with a cold then caught the flu. I then caught bronchitis and ended up with pneumonia. I honestly wondered if I’d pull through it, I had never been that sick before. My neighbor also had pneumonia and I’m sad to say that she passed away. We both had it at the same time and I think she caught it from the nursing home where her daughter was because it was the only place she went daily. I don’t know how I ended up catching it but I’m happy to say I’m still kicking and plan to keep on keeping on. For this reason, I’ve been doing things a bit different this year.

I don’t just wash my hands with soap and water, I sanitize. All day long. Every day.

I’ve been using Purell products for a month and I’ve not caught the first illness. Not a single thing. I usually catch something or another that the kids bring home from school, but I haven’t. This is the first fall season that I’ve remained sick free, in a really long time. I wanted to wait until the products were all gone before posting my review but since they are working so well, I think you would benefit from knowing about my results so you can go ahead and stock up and start sanitizing.

I’ve been using 3 different Purell products that came that I’ll share with you below and I’d love to keep you updated on my mission to stay well while using them. I’ve been told that nurses make the worst patients and I guess that’s true because I’m the biggest baby when I’m sick. If I get sick, you’ll know it. Trust. Me. On. That.

Back to the products:





Not only do I use the hand wipes every time I come in from checking my mail, walking the dog, etc, etc…, I use them to wash my face twice a day. They are gentle enough that I can do that while being tough enough to keep the germs at bay. I even use them on my door knobs after anyone comes over. I’m serious about staying well this year. The wipes kill 99.99% of common germs and I will not let myself run out of them.

I keep my Instant hand sanitizer in two places: the kitchen and the bathroom. The hand sanitizers keep my hands soft while also killing 99.99% of common, illness-causing germs. This product uses an alcohol-based formula that must be working because again, I’ve not had any illness, not even a cough or runny nose.

I put my mini hand sanitizers every where I could think of; my desk, car, purse and beside my bed. I plan to purchase a couple more so that I have one in every area of my home. If I see them, I remind myself to use them. Out of sight, out of mind. In sight, in mind. Again like the above 2 products, the mini size hand sanitizers kill 99% of most common germs.

All of these products come in a two different product types and I love the cool aloe which is enhanced with four different skin-conditioning agents. I tend to lean more towards it because it just seems to help maintain my “aging” skin with moisture and it improves my overall skin feel.

I can’t think of a better way to go into flu season than with Purell. And if you do get sick, wear a mask so you don’t infect others. Don’t forget to get your flu and pneumonia shots at Walgreens and stock up on Purell at Shoplet.

I received my Purell samples from Shoplet who I bet you thought only sold office supplies. They offer everything you could want or need for your home and office. If you are a clean freak like me, check out their cleaning supplies which also work for your home and office. Can you believe they even sell medical supplies for your shut in loved ones or those in a nursing home? If you are in the medical profession I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that you can buy everything you need all in one place for your patients well being.

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  1. Sanitation is very important especially when you’re exposed to too much things outside. Washing the hands every so often is a good habit. However for working individuals like me who type in the computer keyboard from 9-5 in the office, it’s better to use hand wipes instead.

  2. I am definitely a hand washer and am very germ conscious. I don’t use a lot of Purell, but I do use wipes. I didn’t realize that they made wipes so I will definitely have to pick some of these up. I’m a wipe-a-holic when one of my kids is sick!

  3. I am like you turning into a germ phob. I use Purell and love it. I do avoid going to mass shoppers and try to stick to healthy but Purell is at the top of the list on my “arsenal” of keep your germs to yourself plan 🙂
    I hope you have an uneventful winter.

  4. I love Purell products and the only brand I use to sanitize. I keep Purell in my house, car, handbag! Can’t live without

  5. I’m definitely a soap and hot water person, but I do like to use sanitizer when we’re out and about! It’s great that it comes in so many forms, so there is something convenient for everyone! 🙂

  6. I prefer to use soap and water when I can but when I’m out and about I like to use sanitizer. It is not only convenient but sometimes I think there’s so many germs floating in public bathrooms I prefer to just get in and get out as quickly as possible!

  7. I love Purell Hand Sanitisers and keep them in my desk, in the car and in my handbag. Whether it is the remote control or the keyboard or the handle of a public toilet, studies show bacteria can be resting on those surfaces, so better safe than sorry. In August, my Dad fell ill after catching an e.coli infection and he kept saying he hadn’t eaten anything dodgy. He is okay now, thank goodness, but his GP has told him to use a drop of hand sanitiser even after opening the car door.

  8. That’s interesting. I think I would still be washing my hands with soap and water though. But really cleaning every surface in your home in important, even the handles on your sinks. Think about it, you touch them when your hands are dirty, then you turn it off once your hands are clean… you aren’t walking away with clean hands anymore! So even at home I turn off the water with my arm or towel.

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