Revamp Patio on a Budget

Hello, spring. I’ve been saying that every morning when I wake up and look outside and see my new spring patio decor from Big Lots. This year is extra special because it’s my first spring/summer season in my new apartment. 4 years ago I decided to downsize. HGTV Tiny House, Big Living made it look so easy. It wasn’t. I looked everywhere for a smaller home in my area as well as in surrounding areas. I finally realized I was going to have to consider an apartment. I found what I thought would be the perfect place to live, it was near where my daughter’s work so they’d be able to pop in for lunch. I was closer to the grandkids even though it was a different town and all seemed to be okay. It was my first experience in living in an apartment and having neighbors up close and personal.

While it was a great experience in that I learned to live with less and to organize even in a tiny space, it ended in a disastrous way 3 years later (refer back to having neighbors up close and personal).

So, even though I wasn’t ready for a big change in my life, I knew I had to find a more suitable apartment with like-minded neighbors and I found the perfect place and I love everything about it. From the location to the set-up inside and out. I didn’t have a lawn at my previous apartment, a patio, nor did I have a back yard. I not only have a backyard, I have a big side yard and two patios. I have been budget shopping for my patio spaces because I’m going to be doing some traveling this year and with travel comes expenses. So yeah, everything I buy has a budget attached to it. With a budget in mind it was only natural that I’d turn to Big Lots for my patio furniture and decor!

Get Ready to Revamp Your Patio on a Budget @BigLots

One of the main reasons that I wanted to work on a wow factor for my patios is because it’s my turn to host our annual Memorial Day BBQ this year, and I want my outdoor space to look inviting and cheerful. I knew that adding colorful throw pillows and some unique outdoor lighting with my new lantern would give my patios the look I wanted. I’ve been buying pieces here and there and it’s all coming together beautifully. And best of all is that I didn’t have to break the bank to make my patio look like I spent way more than I actually did.

Peanut wanted to pose with the pillows. Peanut is spoiled so of course I let him.

don’t have to break the bank to make your patio look like you’ve spent a million bucks.

Get Ready to Revamp Your Patio on a Budget @BigLots

Get Ready to Revamp Your Patio on a Budget @BigLots

Before my party, I hope to purchase this Wilson & Fisher Vintage White Rose 3-Piece Bistro Set to replace my current Bistro set which has seen better days. I’m waiting for it to go back in stock. It’s affordable and vintage. Two things I love. And of course, no party is complete without string lights and the perfect BBQ Grill.

Do you have plans for Memorial Day and if so, I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. My patio could definitely use a little help! I will have to check out Big Lots and see what they have.

  2. We always find some unique affordable treasures when visiting a Big Lots. These are some great suggestions for sprucing up your patio without busting your budget,

  3. Love how colorful your patio is. Those pillows are so pretty! I love shopping at Big Lots because of the many choices and affordable prices.

  4. We are on the look out for new stuff for our deck. Thank you for pointing us to Big Lots. We will head out there this Friday.

  5. Love the pieces you chose! Our patio set is on its last leg so we’ll be shopping around for new outdoor furniture and this is great inspiration.

  6. Your patio looks lovely! I would love to redo my patio. Our patio furniture is getting old so I would like to refresh it with some new comfortable seating. Love the colors you chose!

  7. I love the teal swing/couch that you have on your patio. I really want one but my husband doesn’t want anything huge on the patio. We have 1 chair and the moment and I love sitting out there.

  8. Your patio looks awesome! I just love Big Lots for home decor items. They change things up according to season so you never know what gems you will find.

  9. We used to have BIg Lots in our area but they closed. I miss shopping with them because you can really find affordable things for your home.

  10. Michelle Waller

    Your new patio looks awesome. I love to visit Big Lots because there is so much you can get for a low price.

  11. Victoria Heckstall

    Your patio is absolutely amazing and beautiful. My mom always love fixing and make her patio eye-catching.

  12. I’m so jealous in your beautiful patio, I need to do something good idea to my old patio.

  13. Loving the look of your patio. Keep on cleaning and revamping, its looking great. : )

  14. You ratio looks adorable!! I really need to step up my patio game!!

  15. The place looks so pretty and relaxing. I also have a boring patio. I need to do something like this.

  16. I love shopping at Big Lots! I get a lot of my outdoor decor there.

  17. Such a beautiful place to relax! You turned your area into a real retreat! I love Big Lots!

  18. We were just at Big Lots this past weekend. They have such a great variety of patio accessories and furniture. I would love to grab a few items and have an upgrade of my own.

  19. Loving your patio upgrades! Now I really want to go to Big Lots! I haven’t been there in ages! I forgot about the good deals I am missing!

  20. We downsized from a flat (apartment) to a bungalow and while it is smaller in size the fact we don’t have people living on top of us has made a huge difference. We are working on the garden a little this year so I might have to take on some of your patio tips!

  21. All this stuff – I mean EVERYTHING here – is exactly why I love Big Lots. It is THE best place to shop.

  22. This is exactly what I need on my patio. My patio is just really boring and I really want to make the colors pop. I love the choices that you made here they’re all beautiful.

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